The Great Screenshot Thread


Much Revenant
Many Crow


I loved how the agartha portal looked right here. Normally you would see it from the other side


I took this one a while ago back when we were first launching SWL. I cheated a little with the camera because, hey, I’m allowed to. :adnyplz:


Not a cutscene. Just posing.


Once in a blue moon.


Just daydreaming.



… and they all fall down xD


“How the hell did you manage to get fired?!” - “Idk. Worked hard 8 out of 9 times…”

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Well, hey! \o/


Feels like home. :grimacing: Really need ‘hug a tree’ emote here.


“Eat your heart out, Jingu!”


Hangin with Ricky and the gang


Guess I’m done for


The Emancipation of Robert Drake


One of my favorite screenshots done by Buzzy Fred of my character:

Obviously this is more of a TSW shot (See Aux Weapon: Quantum Brace), but that weapon helped the shot look more magical.




War is hell.

My attempt at a ‘sharpshooter drawing a bead’ pic was ruined by the unfortunate fact that Red Mist’s laser effect is out of sync with the rifle barrel. But on one take, the laser winked out just as I hit the screencap key, giving me this priceless shot.


Off-season this place is pretty empty.


Which side of the mirror am I on?