The Great Screenshot Thread


I can’t tell if I noticed this in TSW all those years ago, but I love the TLJ reference on the poster.


I’m not really sure what this event is making with people. :thinking:


(I didn’t forgot I told I’ll bring more selfies with views I like)


I’ll be back with more. :Ь


Choose wisely.


Say cheese.


It was at this moment the scarecrow knew…it f’d up
(Sadly I wasn’t fast enough to blend out the UI and get the perfect moment)


Who gatekeeps the Gatekeeper?


Leo, the explorer

Watching over Emma:

Also watching phoenician agents hiding:

Watching social gatherings:

Watching the process of date farming:

Watching old italians:

and their strange gathering places…


Sorry I had to rework this so much. Didn’t have time to switch off UI ^^’
The aerial shot however made it so clear how massive the threat was these brave few agents were facing.
My, look at the sheer size of this cute, fat thing! :honeybee: :heartpulse:


“Now you just wait until the Force Marshall hears about this!”


The first rule of Transylvania Fight Club is…


Just installed the Minecraft Texture Pack. Agartha looks fancy now :smiley:


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Was a bit set back to the days when I was 15, on my PSX, playing Tomb Raider II. Good ol days.