The Great Screenshot Thread


There used to be a Sniper in this room.


Alice in Wabanakiland


I don’t know…but somehow this npc has a more serious look than the average playercharacter. Also I really wanna know what shirt that is…


The facial expression comes with the pistols combat stance. The shirt is one of many NPC clothing pieces we can’t get (yet).


Season 2 is here… time to shut the doors on the past.


Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh happy meal


I feel that we may have been playing with magic beyond our capacity. The Shambala shrines in the Rogue Agent mission appear to turn our traitor into Bruce Forsythe

Nice to see him, to see him…


I love this little nod to Anarchy Online during the Rogue Agent mission. So glad it’s back.

For those who don’t know, what we see there is The Grid. It’s a place where you enter to travel great distances in a short time in AO. In fact, it’s kind of the Agartha of AO, though only accessible with the help of a certain class (The Fixer).


Found a use for the Lookout sit that i like.


If FC chose to make a full zone of this, I’d be a happy gamer.


Checking all the tiles…if that char was a dragon I would be shouting “BINGO! BINGO! BINGO!”


Took @Leogrim’s discord comments as a challenge.

“Top o’ the world, ma!”


All LegendaryTales team members


The avatar of RNGaia’s reluctance to bestow upon us blue final dungeon chests.


When you see this on the ground…

…and realize that the top floor “accident” is visible from the rest of the building.


Dr. Klein finally started building his complex at Agartha?

Is that a kart track?


Savage Coast :joy_cat:


Is it just me or do those eyes make them look like they’re terrified of you?


Well, considering some of the Lore implications…


So I did “Nightmare in dream palace” and the mission told me to explore the Dreamscape, so I explored the dreamscape:

I found strange rows in the air:

Hellish arenas:

Flying vampire bedrooms:

Egyptian tube temples:

I licked a Gaia engine…now it’s mine:

And the Orochi Tower:

Which I obviously infiltrated from below:

Joke aside…it was cool to not only find a way outside the normal area but to see how maps are actually built up. <3