The Great Screenshot Thread


The final destiny of the gods?


That’s not how you shoot a lock open, Cor…


I recently sorted out screenshots and found this one…I don’T know what you guys think but to me that looks like the beginning of… a word that gets censored…I mean blooming love:


How you know when this city’s getting a wee bit too crowded.


I would have prefered to show it without UI in the way but no way to show it without UI…
A small and silly long term project of mine got completed today (if not spotted right away, look at the chatwindow)


That’s some dedicated hyena shooting, doof :smiley:


I was expecting a call from Sonnac, but it was my mother.
She needed help with her mail password. She forgot it… Again. :expressionless:


Since all the fancy new stuff isn’t putting these things down for good… let’s try some retro stuff.

Like a good old HADOKEN!


Missed me, missed me now you gotta kiss me…

Way to clever for those small children.


Shadow Trafficker got FLOPPY DISKS at his shop in Agartha (also, he got lots of garbage-stuff).
I knew we couldn’t trust him.


When you look back after a day of climbing…
I think have beaten another map


The Dream is real…


Managed to catch budget Flappy’s arrival from afar. Look at that menacing shadow of wings.


Why do Luella never take our orders?


These are screenshots containing real Secret World Legends :wink:

Lonely Custodian

Waiting the “Blue Wave”

The Hunter

On Guard


Galahad got himself a new mascot.


Uploaded few piccies, so heres few SWL shots.


The Vision

The Abandoned

All your bases…


Traitor… or lover?

The assets


“Eh, I’ll quit while I’m ahead.”


I’m walking around and bothering people at work.


“I’m just behind you and if you continue, I swear I push you.”