"The Grey" vampire during "Cabin Fever"


When you get the vampire at the end of this mission down to a certain threshold of health, he’s supposed to cast “Mist Form” and fly away but it’s possible to interrupt the cast, in which case he’ll just stand and fight you forever with his health unable to go any lower.


Ah, I got the same thing last time I did that mission several days ago. I forgot to report it. :expressionless:


You’re not my real dad, Steve.


Good that I didn’t interrupt it today…I saw it and was like “hmm, I wonder what happens if I interrupt that”


I think I’ll start tracking TronQuixote’s answers. This guys makes my day every time :smiley:


Dude, if you’re not in Discord with us you’re really missing out on some Classic Tron moments. Just sayin.