The grind is not fun

either the ??? or the eldarium take too much grind .
when i killing the same thing again and again, it become boring.


I think the important about this map is to learn ro live with no high end thralls and when u get really upgraded etc u statt this part…

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Welcome to an MMO, the west coast grind is typical exiles, but the east side is way nastier, fun, and terrifying.

It’s fun going up on the highlands and then running from a pack of wolves.

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A little grind would be okay if the thrall tier spawn get fixed…
Atm it is a lot of grinding for basically nothing even a 1000 essence with a surge spawn gives pretty much nothing special… most of the time.


apart from the fun… the dungeons are always locked when I like to grind there and / OR somebody shows up in the dungeon and nicks my stuff while i am in there !!!


Ouch that sucks, but it really depends on who plays on the server

I encountered some people in the dungeon, but in my experience they always respect the first visitor and leave the dungeon, I simply do the same.

I didn’t mind the grind too much until after grinding for days all I got better than the wild surges were a named fighter and bearer and a T3 cook, and a dead level 20 thrall…

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I agree spent 2500 unstables to get basically nothing, T3 crafting thralls at best < x5 max surges :frowning:

Harder dungeons drop more eldarium…

We found just adventuring about and building are faster than killing , unlike exiles.

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