The healing system: Unfinished business

And you are less important than him.
I doubt that his point was to show his importancy, he told his experiences, guesses, tries to help.

And to your other (rightfully) flagged comment: none of these users are Funcom’s “fangirls”, I’ve read several comments that show they don’t like X or Y changes, and I’ve never seen them saying: “everybody is wrong and dumb! Funcom is PERFECT! Funcom is our God! We gladly suck the devs D|CKS!” or anything like that.

If you don’t like the company, don’t buy their products, if you don’t like the game, just uninstall, or give feedback what should they change. Attacking others personally leads nowhere.

I have noticed the bug is triggered when moving a potion into your hot bar while in the band aging animation and this can be 100% reproduced that way. If you move potions into your hot bar while in the bandaging animation, it will bug your healing until you take damage again


Just checked it. Well found!

Another weird thing is that after finishing using a bandage my character randomly draws an item from the actionbar - even when I had nothing in my hands when I applied the bandage. It’s usually a weapon or torch. Not super-imortant, but I thought I’d mention it anyway.


It’s not random, it’s always the last weapon or tool you were wielding. So let’s say you’re wielding a pickaxe, then you “unwield” it, then you activate the bandages. When the animation ends, you’ll automatically wield the pickaxe again. It’s a minor annoyance and definitely a bug, but it’s so minor that I don’t think they’ll ever even acknowledge it, much less fix it :wink:

Is it even a bug or working as intended? Assuming you were just fighting and stopped to bandage, I think it is working as intended. If you were farming and fell off a cliff, well then…lol

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Yeah, when you are wielding a weapon or a tool, and you don’t stow it, then it’s working as intended. But when you actually stow it (by pressing X or whatever the key you mapped it to), and then bandage yourself, you’ll find yourself wielding it again. That’s why I call it a minor bug.

Was pretty annoying when I used claws to fight. Drink a potion, get into the animation and then get into the claw equip animation…

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Right , why not lets remove all armor as they might have better then you , oh wait need to remove all weapons and they might be better then you, then lets remove thralls and they might have gotten a better level thralls. Really sounds like this is a issue with how you play and not with the horrid broken healing system.

double suck

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