The Hunt: Conan Exiles Battle Royale!

[PC] The Hunt

Ever wished Conan Exiles would return to its roots? Since when was Conan an architect? What ever happened to “to crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women”?

Welcome to The Hunt! This is Conan returning to its roots, by turning the game into an enormous Battle Royale! With two factions and many more to be added, the game focuses mainly on PvP. The aim of the game is simple - be the last man/woman standing!

Create your character, join one of the factions by equipping kits of armor and weapons you find around the map in shrines in and around the islands on the river and Broken Bridge. Powerful weapons and armor without the need to grind. Be warned, looting the kits does announce to everyone your location!

Mounted combat, camping and ganking are encouraged. You have the freedom to build like in a PvE server without being raided like in a PvP server. Buildings do not take damage. There are additional buildings around with loot galore! Or simply set a trap for the unsuspecting freeloader! Characters logged out will not remain in the world.

Get ready for ■■■, murder and debauchery!


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