The Hunting Grounds [PC] (New Players welcome, Bi weekly Events)

“Welcome to the Drunken Dragon Tavern! Where are you? Well you my friend have entered the lands known as The Hunting Grounds. Here the foul of the world gathers, let me fill you in on what you need to know.”

Server Information

Server Name: The Hunting Grounds
Slots: 15 (will increase if needed)
Xp rates for Pvp, gathering, and crafting set to 1.5x
God Avatars are disabled
Raid Times Mon-Fri: 1700-2100 PST
Raid Times Sat-Sun: 0800-2200 PST
Clan size limit: 5 (Subject to change)

The server is causal pvp with bi weekly events and new players are welcome. The server has a welcome area called the Drunken Dragon Tavern and is located near the Sentinels in the starting river. We have a discord that we urge you to join as all event info is posted there, we are a small community hoping to grow so we all here at the Drunken Dragon hope to see you in the seats one day.

Day length has been increased to 30 minutes