The infamous "leaving team" sound

that bug has prolly been already reported (I hope), but I’m too lazy to search the forums.
Bug description: the sound FX when someone leaves group is AWFULLY LOUD !!!
Could anyone at Funcom take 10 minutes to: find the culprit mp3/ogg/wav (or whatever sound format is used), import it in Audacity, normalize the volume, export/save, and implement in next patch ? Or just send me the sound file so i’ll just do it ><
Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

It’s constructive interference. It happens when multiple people leave at the same time. The same thing happens when multiple agents return at the same time.

Easiest way to trigger this is click ‘leave raid’ from a full group, then everyone on both teams gets 5 simultaneous leave sounds. If you use ‘leave group’ they’re less likely to stack.

Hmm interesting…
Then wouldn’t it be possible to give that sound FX some kind of “exclusivity” ?
I mean something like

if soundFX_teamLeave.isPlaying()==true

Afaik, that sound interference wasn’t happening in tsw

No, the technology to do something like that is still decades away :v:

Just did a dungeon with a team… and the infamous horribly LOUD sound happened for each member leaving, so it’s not an accumulation of sounds of multiple players leaving, but really a “bug”
Also, I was using headphones, I feel deaf now

If anyone at FC reads this, please do something

Lol yeah definitely not from multiple people leaving. If you don’t wear headphones, you’ll get questions from people who don’t play the game asking what the heck that sound is.


Do y’all happen to have your Master volume cranked to the default of 10? It could be that that sound wasn’t set to it’s sub-group properly.

I never touched the audio settings. I’ll have to check once back in game

Edit: checked, all volumes are at 8, except for master at 10

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My sounds are all off except sound effects and background music, so I’m all good. Everything was all at 10 before that.

Bump ! Anyone at FC to save my ears ? And other players ears as well ^^

If you turn your master volume down it’ll lower it, you can bump up the others then if they’re too quiet.

I could
Someone at FC could take act, and fix this ■■■■■■■ bug

Edit: oooohhh a word was autocensored, it implied god and damnation !

One of those options gets an immediate remedy of the problem. They’re your ears, so, you do you.

My master volume is at 3, and the rest are at 8; except background at 0. I still have this deafening “feature”. Am I missing something?

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I don’t have the sound at all anymore, and I only have effects, background music, radio music, and master volume up.

Update: I was told the sound volume is a side effect of EffectsUI addon ! But tbh, I won’t try to confirm that, game would be unplayable without EffectsUI

Hmmm interesting
Guess I’ll have to test w/o EffectsUI then D:

If effects UI does affect it then it is something the community can fix with another mod. Let us know how your test goes!

Just done a dungeon with EffectsUI removed, I let others leave before me and… sound was normal
Guess we got the culprit but, is the source available ? And is there any with flash/action script abilities around that could fix that ?
EffectsUI is pretty much a mandatory tool for tanks :expressionless:

Gotta test with a raid group now

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