The invisible elevation by the door

There are automatic doors in the game (locations Eden and The World Ender). When my heroes pass through doors, they rise above the ground as if there is an invisible elevation. I can make a video. It’s hard to show on static screenshots.

PC (Epic Games).

Hello @Troglodit, if possible please do share a screenshot of this behavior with us.


Do you see a bug?

Unfortunately, we’re unable to download or view the video, perhaps using a different file hosting service such as google drive or dropbox would work best.

Use a white button to save video. Write to me if it doesn’t work.

New link (wait some seconds for loading) -!Ath3Ucw-cnB5am55ub_TKDZVlAA?e=irgYki

Thank you for the new link @Troglodit, we’ve forwarded the video to the developers so that they can look into this matter!

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