The Isle of Siptah - starting area for new players

As a more experienced CE player you basically find out pretty fast that the area at the beach which the game “points me too as a beginner” isn’t exactly great to settle.
It’s lacking everything to really build a beginners base. You get no iron, no coal (and no aloe) which I would think is a bad spot for building. Additionally there is a lot of hostile wildlife in form of dog packs and even the demonic version of dogs.
So my suggestion would be to either put some small iron, coal and aloe spots closer to the beach OR find a way to teach new players to follow the river inlands a bit where life will be a bit easier.

We found all of that within 30 minutes in game.
Just by beach combing we built our base. Aloe, iron, and brimstone with i n minutes of our base in the SW landing zone.

in the past Humans settled near Water and Rivers, well more Rivers for freshwater. So follow the Rivers. Water is still the source of Life and you should find there the Ore you need

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@Ankhozhul - just head inland a bit. There’s lots and lots of materials - and the doggies don’t go that far inland either :wink:

If you were that experienced you’d know that already. Would you settle on the broken highways of the exiled lands?

If you walk literally 30 seconds inland you can start tripping over the abundance of them. 30 seconds.

Did new players need this much handholding on the old map? I don’t recall many people asking for iron and coal being put south of noob river. They just got in and moved north, only difference is you move east or west for the same effect.

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It’s nice to telling me that. But I really know that. The point is that many new players obviously don’t and different to the Exiles Map there is nothing around to teach them that lesson - and the Exiles Map had those spots directly after you left the desert. The whole river area was a good place to settle.
On Siptah the beach isn’t a great place to settle at all and you really have to follow the river

I remember exactly that on the old map. That’s why there were caves with brimstone later and additional coal and iron deposits were patched into the game.
Those weren’t there in the beginning.

And you, again failed the point I tried to make. You don’t necessarily know that as a new player that your first target isn’t to find a safe spot near your starting point but running into the wild.
That’s the issue I have with the current spawn point.
In the Exiles map the really made you go further north by leading you with the journals and even the story steps.
The Siptah map lacks this totally.


I’d hardly call a beach covered in shipwrecks a safe spot. Everyone ever has enough foresight to know going further inland has more stuff. A desolate beach with nothing but corpses and driftwood isn’t a good spot for a home. Again, that’d be like settling on the broken highways of the exiled lands. You don’t do that because it’s common sense to move on until you find a proper spot

Dogs are VERY easy to kill even for me with my “crooked hands” and they are excellent source of skin. Just make a shield and some light armor and you’re OK. Nevertheless there should be some scattered Iron nodes and a couple of Aloes there just to show the beginners what to look for.

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I beg to differ. There’s plenty of content on the map that teaches the players that lesson. You pointed it all out yourself:

This is another thing I like about the Isle of Siptah – “show, don’t tell”. You start on a beach with nothing useful, you wander around and get your butt kicked by demonic dogs, and eventually you cotton on to the fact that maybe it’s not a good idea to hang around here.

Like other people already pointed out, the starting area is pretty similar to the Broken Highways of the Exiled Lands, and the basic resources are very close. Coupled with the incentives to keep moving (i.e. scary demonic dogs), it shouldn’t be hard for players to get the point.

However, what the new map lacks is something to teach players the ropes. How is a new player supposed to figure out that they should look for aloe to make wraps? Sure, they can look at the available recipes in their hand-crafting menu, see “rough wraps” and figure out that it might be good to get that, but it’s not really intuitive.

A journal or a note talking about wrapping your wounds and finding aloe near bodies of water, positioned next to a corpse with lootable wraps, would be a good idea, perhaps.


Hey Ankhozhul,

I have moved this post to the Isle of Siptah subforum as it provides feedback on the DLC. The thread will be seen regardless.

Not too much demonic dogs ))) I play for a couple of hours or more daily and I’ve seen only 2 of them. Those Lynxes are much worse. Dogs are an excellent source of Skins, Feral Flesh and easy XP for me. I’ve built my base on the grass above the beach (in SP) and I like this place.

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