The Ivory Tower Progression


2018-02-11 Ivory tower cleared T5 in one evening! Some khitai geared people and some T1 cough cough slackers.

2018-02-12 Ivory tower cleared the saga-quest for T6 weapons.

Ivory tower cleared T6 and ethram


Good job guys!! On to T6? :smiley:


Yes what are we supposed to do for the other 3 months? :smile:


Yeah right, that’s only T1 ! :smiley:


If that really is T5, then well done. Crazy to know what an elite group of players can be capable of.


Yes Mori blew the screenshot by not showing the portal, bad Mori!


Considering we have the white circle under our feet… it should be sufficient enough proof for it being t5.


True but people who never did it wouldn’t know that :stuck_out_tongue:


There are plenty of us that have never done much/any T5 that have no idea what those white circles are.


Facelessmann / Cetriss DEAD! Only ethram-left!


Grats y’all. Look forward to seeing you take Ethram Fal down for that sweet, sweet server-wide achievement :slight_smile:


Great Crew =) Ivory Tower ftw. next sunday we need to reroll again :wink:


what? Next week? ■■■■


my master plan is to wipe whole sunday :wink:


I’m gonna stream it so don’t mess it up, thanks in advance.


Grats on the progression, looks like you can get Ethram very soon.

We (Rogue Angels/Requiem Nex) were able to kill first 3 bosses on Friday, 2/16.


Ooh, exciting. Who will be the first??


Unless the RA/RN group goes hard on it today and completes it, I imagine The Ivory Tower will get that first kill tomorrow.


Looks like Ivory Tower are going for it right now!


Congrats on the kill!!