The jungle/swamp area doesn't have its own stuffs

So far by seeing through Admin Panel in SP, I do not see new materials from jungle/swamp area.

Building bases on tall trees cool cool.

But, anyone found new materials that can only be found in swamp/jungle area? (i am not talking about armor/weapon, Lemurian npcs, Derketo, dungeon such as Witch Queen Palace)

When North area was released, it had its own materials such as ice, blackice, t2/t3 wooden building. And you also can build t3 building with black ice that can only be mined from North (or from Ymir alter but that takes way too long)

But, so far I don’t see any information there are new t2/t3 building types from jungle/swamp and new materials i can find in Admin Panel.

Even volcano got it’s own material such as obsidian, gold and dust, but jungle/swamp area doesn’t have any?

I was hoping we get additional new materials and t2/t3 type of buildings here from jungle/swamp. But I guess we don’t get that in release.

The area will be populated with everything on May 8th. The same applies to the volcano.

Well most of the new lotuses should be from volcano and swamp I guess. As golden lotus potions seem to be healing consumables, I guess there are no aloe plants there?

thank you for answer mod.

But I know that Swungle, Volcano will be released in May 8th.

And what I am asking is do they have their ‘OWN MATERIAL’? (such as ice/blackice from North)

I see Volcano has its own material like obsidian, gold, and dust

How about Swungle?

I know as much as you do and what we have is what they have shown us in the Dev streams.

The True Name of Derketo isn’t in Admin Panel.

And also the Witch Queen Palace will be in Xelha the Forgotten City

So I hope what we see and expect right now isn’t everything in release date.