The Land of Galerians RP-PVP +18 (PC)

The Lands of Galerians [RP-PVP] [+18]

  • Brand new server literally lol
  • Newcomers Kits :smiley:
  • Cookies
  • Max level 300 why not? :wink: so lazy to lvl though right? I am sorry :frowning: I want to keep you around for a long time even if bored lol
  • Umm I don’t know what else
  • Several Mods to make the game better :stuck_out_tongue: (in my perspective)
  • No drop on death but the character’s body stays when going offline lol for fun
  • +18 because we have kinky stuff xD
  • Exp and harvesting has been boosted so it’s easier now yay~
  • All these other servers’s descriptions sound way better xD I still hope you join mine ^^
  • I dont have them yet but I will work on custom dungeons and quests! I promise! lol
  • I think I lost track of what I am supposed to type in here, let’s get back to it
  • Dedicated server!
  • Free emotes as a Kit! woot! free!
  • Tambien se habla Español! Por si eres latino y te quieres unir! :smiley:
  • Feel free to ask any question you may have!