The Launcher needs to go

I literally cannot play the game because the launcher keeps changing in size.

It cannot be adjusted, the buttons to start the game cannot be seen or scrolled to as the launcher does not have scrolling on the main screen. There is no right click option to play, so I cannot do anything on the launcher screen. The launcher is making things worse for me already, and I will not mess with my resolution to try to fix it. And since I had to make this account to even report this, I cannot share an image of this monstrosity.

This is why you shouldn’t fix something that isn’t broken, and now you broke it. This is the epitome of contradictory to what you intended the launcher to do. I doubt anyone asked for such a thing to be added.

they just rushed out the launcher without testing how it would be affected by windows scaling, if you want to see the play button u have to set display>scaling to 100%

Meanwhile, you can bypass it by launching the game from Conan Exiles - ConanSandbox - Binaries - Win64 and then choose the respective .exe for launching the game with or without battleye.


Because that’s the answer to everything Funcom does…bypass, workaround, git gud etc etc…There are enough work arounds and bypasses to fill its own wikki

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It’s true.

Bypassing things doesn’t always work. Funcom needs to pull this stupid trash until they fix it or just get rid of it.

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