The Lonely Lotus [RP with PvP Elements, 18+]

Welcome to The Lonely Lotus RP. We are an 18+ text based roleplay server that is one month out from a fresh wipe of the server and we are eager to welcome new players into the fold. Our exiles have survived and now strive to recreate this land, seizing their own destinies in the process. We offer an intimate, friendly, welcoming, respect-based community along with:

  • NA based server
  • Mod collection here: - This server does not offer adult mods though we recognize adult situations happen. It is an 18+ game after all! No shame, those mods just aren’t our game.
  • Gathering rate: 3x
  • XP rate: 2.5x
  • Starter kits available
  • PvP is enabled with strict RP guidelines
  • Purge is enabled with no offline purges
  • A starting city and a player built northern village along with an arena that offers weekly challenges for rewards.
  • A veteran reward system to recognize player contributions and those who settle in with us for the long term.
  • Cookies. We also have cookies. And cultists. Mostly cookies.

Some of our upcoming events include:

• OSTRICH JOUSTING: You read that right. A jousting field has been set up near our arena and a jousting tournament will be hosted next weekend (7 March, 2pm EST (GMT-5). Mounts and gear provided, all who wish to participate are welcome. Prizes are to be awarded for 1st and 2nd place.

• PURGE WEEKEND: Normally our purge settings only allow clans with 2+ players online to have their base attacked. Purge weekends allow for our single player clans to also participate in this game mechanic. We plan our next from the evening of March 13th through the morning of March 16th EST (GMT-5).

Interest piqued? Check us out:



It is hard to screenshot when you are busy in an event but Mulan and Eadaion both managed to get some shots as seen here:

It was a fine tournament enjoyed by all, a true test of determination married to luck given that every rider wore the same garb, used the same gear and rode the same mount. The ostriches were a little difficult at first but once everyone got their stride contenders put up an epic battle, some of which had to be decided by rolls of the dice the opponents were so evenly matched! It was Garrus and Shae who were our winner and runner up respectively. What will the next tournament’s exotic mount be is the real question!

We here at the Lotus strive to create a fun, welcoming world ripe for making stories in. We want people eager to collaborate OOC no matter what kind of character they play IC. Novice RPer? We have a place for you. Experienced RPer? Come on in! New to Conan altogether? Come be among a community that is colored both by new players and by seasoned veterans happy to help you on your journey.

Oh and apparently this guy crept in, so… That happened.