The Loon - A character Bio from the Grindhouse - PS4 Conan Exiles Server

Your name was whispered in my ear by the Loon
which is messenger to the Four Brothers of the Night

  • Jhebbal Sag (as spoken in the Midnight Grove)

    When I awoke in this cursed desert, I was confronted by a priest of the snake. He did not speak the language of the beast and he demanded that I kneel and pray to Set. Although the snake is to be respected, he is not a beast to be worshipped. I would not kneel. This priest grew angry at my defiance and demanded that I venerate my God. So I took his head and left his body on a rock; his blood spilling into the dirt to feed no beast, to nourish no God.

The slaves in his care saw the strength of old blood in me and lashed out against their captors. My act was enough to spark the fire in their hearts to riot and taste the blood of their oppressors. This was a proper sacrifice to MY Lord, Jhebbal Sag. Though when I spoke, I was not heard. My Lord did not speak back.

The brutes of Set finally overcame me and I was lashed to deadwood out in the desert, away from water, beast or brethren. I was left to die. Again, I spoke to my Lord and asked why I was in this place, so far from the lush Grove of my life. Again, I got no answer.

I freed myself from the bindings that held me and set out to return to the Grove. I WILL be heard again by my Lord. I was once his messenger and voice. In this place, I will be his claw and fang. The world will once again hear the Song of the beast as man and animal howl to the night’s sky. They will remember the old ways. Jhebbal Sag will be drawn to this place. And He WILL answer me.



Lovely bio. Always enjoy the imagination when we play together