The Lore Mod and the Lore World

The previous works I shared were focused enhancements of general purpose. The customization had no other aim but allow character versatility. Now that you recostumize your character, some might see no use for it, but it still a way to customize your thralls, your armor in looking like the armor you like even if you wearning another armor, such things.
The trade mod that adds trade and rent boxes, to make shops.
The house and hospitality that is used to build props, new food, some new workers, thralls and etc.

While it seems just like disconnected works, I develop them based on the stories I write and the Universe I make them to be in.

I am not a story teller, I am not gifted with the “empathy” and “sympathy” required to write a narrative. So I write public works in the form of “research and information”, and although I do write narratives to go with them, I dont really think they are good enough to be a public work I would present.

So I write articles about it, and leave stories to those who are story tellers to tell stories.

Now editing the series for the in depth study of the language:

I really tried to tie my knowledge of Comics to the Cinematic in Siptah, and I really tried to keep Lovecraft to a minimum, but since both authors exchange a lot, and Lovecraft is so damn good, the minimum is a lot. lol

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The Shrine of the Winds. The first one from the Shrines to be added as part of the Empire Religion.