The lost Empire ( AOC+EEWA)

Server name: The lost Empire ( AOC+EEWA)
Map: Exiled lands
Server Location: Europe
Direct Connect:
RP Format: Text-Based
Max Level: 300
Slots: 30

Medium: Fantasy
Class System: Integrated with professions mod with custom races
Sever Lore: Custom Royalty system Where you can be a king or queen and rule the lands.
Paragon leveling Mod: 300
EEWA Mod Ascension: After level 300
AOC Mod: With Magic and knights with its own Mod lore and history from AOC
Custom Quests: With more being added once a week
Harvesting: x3
Crafting speed: Faster
Thrall crafting speed: Faster
Pickup Mod: So you can pick up items you placed down
Weather Mod: Making nights way more immersive and spooky
Lore items Mod: The creator of the mod does commissions for our server if you want any commissions done such as weapons, decor, and many more.
Community: Friendly Nontoxic
Server Uptime before wipes: A year
Better Thralls Mod: Followers increased to 3

Our Mod’s in the link below

Join Our Discord once in game