The MEGAversary 2018: 29th June - 14th July

The Community MEGAversary is almost over for the year! Many thanks to everyone who contributed, it was a lot of fun for everyone involved. This is just to thank YOU, all those people who helped out and participated. We could not have done it without you, so a special and heart felt MEGA cheers to everyone.

It’s not time for any tears in rain, more like a call to all to fly like the eagle in your minds and continue this voyage we call… Secret World Legends.


There are a few last orders of business. Today the final overall raffle will be drawn of people who have won a placing prize in any of the MEGAversary Events.

The Warped Songs Contest will be judged hopefully today, if not tomorrow.

Edit: The Art Raffle as well, d-oh :slight_smile:

The Overall Raffle will now be drawn:

1st Prize - Dawn of a New Age Robe From Funcom, 15 RED Kaidan Keys, 15 Yellow Kaidan Keys.

2nd Prize - Albino Draug Lord Puppy From Funcom, 10 RED Kaidan Keys, 10 Yellow Kaidan Keys.

3rd Prize - Cultist Robe Red and Black From Funcom, 5 RED Kaidan Keys, 5 Yellow Kaidan Keys.

4th Prize - Winter Outfit (Complete) 20 Purple Kaidan Keys.

The RNGaia is generated by random bee flight patterns at the Kingsmouth Agartha gate, so it is completely infallible!

4th Prize - Goonshine

3rd Prize - CrodoBaggins

2nd Prize - Phoenix-cat

and the First prizes goes to… Goge!

I will try and log in over the next few days to see that the prizes from the MEGAversary are passed on. The Clothing Prizes from Funcom should arrive soon as well :slight_smile:

Congratulations to the Overall Winners!


We thank YOU, @HolloPoint - incredibly awesome MEGAversary!


The Winner of the MEGAversary Art Raffle is…


I’ll keep an eye out for you in game and send a tell with the links to the pictures, or of course, if you see me first shoot me a message :slight_smile:


Apart from Vomher’s massively devious ARG, that’s all folks!


I made a quick album of some memories of the Megaversary. If we ran a dungeon together, if we bashed a golem together, if I shot you (unlikely) or you shot me (quite likely) in Shambala, if we listened to wonderful stories together, if we raced bikes together: thank you for making the anniversary special! Also though I am in danger of repeating myself, a big thanks to Hollopoint for organizing the whole Megaversary. It was a blast!

  • Heather “Goonshine” Ramis

This was my first ever event, so a huge thank you to everyone who made this a truly memorable four weeks! The official event was fantastic, but the megaversary just took it to a whole new level of fun.
And even though I didn’t take part in a lot of stuff at first, everything that I did go to check out was just wonderful. Well done to all the people who took the time to organise and run events; This game wouldn’t be the same without you.