The Melded Lands

The Melded Lands RP/Light PVP

Isle of Siptah map

50 slot Dedicated server

The Mystic Domain of Kullinzios is no more. For many seasons it was the home for all kinds of creatures and humans, among other races. It was a land of all kinds of stories, war, love and some peace.
The end came not by war or by a plague, but by the Mother of all Fae, Meld’Sevak. Her trickery was initiated through the Arcane Master, Arcanus Telin, who spent his life correcting the wrongs of the Elvanor and their destruction of order as we knew it. When he finally rose to the pinnacle of his research, a great celebration was to be had. He completed the failed warp of his Elvanor brethren. Unfortunately, this was all a ruse instilled by Meld’Sevak. The research forged in the death of Fae Creatures caught the Fae Mother’s eye, infuriated her and led her sight to be focused on the realm of Kullinzios.

She wanted revenge, and took it upon all the living people of Kullinzios.
The Fae Mother flooded the land with Fae Creatures of horrid make, and sentenced the world of Kullinzios to Death. The end day of the Melding arrived. Meld’Sevak would be here soon.
Arcanus Telin, sought to correct what failures were hoisted upon him.

The battle came quickly, nothing was prepared for Meld’Sevak’s arrival. But the battle hardened inhabitants of the land were in no way going to let their land go without a fight. The fae creatures came in number and Meld’Sevak fought with a confidence befitting her stature. Still, the fighters knew her tricks and used them to their advantage. Her screams filled the air as they threw their magics and devilish weapons through her. With a final scream, the land shook. The Well of Skelos trembled. A violent eruption of green hellfire exploded from the base. The warriors fled, finding themselves upon the ruins of the great portal. Their deed all but sealed their fate. The land, although saved, was dying. Energy surged from the portal, leaving their options between experiencing the pain of an endless hellfire, or travelling to an unknown land. For many, they chose the ladder.

The Melded Lands welcome you traveller to find your new life, live out your story, may it be as the lone wolf or the party-loving satyr. Be aware as you step on to the realm of the fae, they can be tricksters like no one else if you end up on their bad side.

What we offer you, is an experience beyond the Exiled Lands.

Perhaps you wish to be the merchant, having a Guild where other come to do trade, or maybe you are more of the shady figure, working with the black market.

Regardless, we hope you will find a home and join us for your adventure.

We have set up:

Aoc faction camps
A magic school for ones with no faction
Custom Quests
Starting kit
lvl 120 boost
30+ races to pick from
Wiki Page
Two very different Hub town, one being more shady than the other.
Active Admin Group



Server Settings:
Gathering rate 8.0 (the two first weeks)
Respawn rate 3.0
Day cycle speed 0.3
No drop on Death
No Avatars
No Purge

…we are waiting for you.