The Mirrored Veil Xbox Discord RP

A land within a land, a mirrored version of the Conan realm. The great veiled wall protecting the inhabitants from the malicious maelstrom attempting to break in. Will the veil hold? Will the seemingly sentient storm break through and ravage the realm once again? Only time will tell…

A bit about the server:

  • Discord mandatory: it’s where we do our roleplays and keep up with events.

-We are currently a 10 slot server. Which means no worries about giant clans or being raided by a ton of people.

-We are PvP but building damage/decay is turned off. It does get turned on with events however (i.e. roleplayed raid, wars, admin events)

-We have a small active roster of very helpful members. Each of them can catch you up to speed and get you moving along.

-There’s both in game and discord events; so plenty of opportunities to interact with the community.

-We welcome all types of role players, however in game and voice we ask you post a synopsis of what happened on the discord.

-There’s four admins, so always someone there to help you out usually. (Aside from sleeping I’m always on the discord)

If you are interested or have any questions feel free to reach me on Xbox at Kyoto Ackbar or on discord at our recruitment and screening discord: ( followed by this (/VgNUWMY)

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Are you active still

Yes we are still active the discord posted is a screening discord before we bring you over to the full page, that way we can answer questions and everything before you jump in with us :slight_smile: