The Moon is wrong

This has been bugging me… the moon goes from west to east instead of east to west like the sun and shadows. If this were really happening, those placid waters would be raging with waves as the moon careened around the earth once a day at super high speed…


If you say so, bare in mind the lands of Conan are fictional.

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As far as I can tell, the sun goes from south to north?

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Yeah, the game’s whole sky is just bonked six ways to Sunday.

The time period is fictional. It’s still set on Earth.


The Exiled Lands are a place that have been ravaged by magical warfare. The sun and moon traveling on strange paths is most likely the least of one’s worries.

At level 60… the moon is all thats left to worry about…


The Moon is wrong…

but the Stars are right.

But are the Exiled Lands even real? The Frost giant Outcast speculates that the whole place may be a dream. He may even be right - how else would dead people and animals “respawn”, and rocks grow back?


That giant is on something… all that time alone on the side of the mountain… I would doubt his sanity… but yes this is always what I’ve come back to in trying to explain why it might be a deliberate choice.

I would be more amenable to “in Conan’s time the continents are still together and we are at the south pole” but that doesn’t explain the sun and shadows…

I agree with drukuku’s opinion here. While it is set to be on earth, the time period and history that developes through out the story is fictional. This means it is a fictional timeline, This still allows for a lot more creative freedom than a lot of people give credit for.

Things like differences in seasons, astral bodies, even physics itself can be explained by the “earth” undergoing a different set of events in this fictional timeline. If conan’s world really existed it would have shaped history and the world in a totaly different way and life as we know it in this modern day and age would not look like it does now, for this reason it is fair to work the other way and accept that the world back then would not have to look like it does now. Perhaps in Conan’s timeline there was an astral event that changed the rotation of the moon, maybe magic was used to lessen the impact that would have on life on earth and allowed the world of conan to survive and adapt. Perhaps the same event lessened the gravitational force the earth exerts on those who live upon it which allow for the double jumps and light acrobatics that are common place in Conan.

My point essentially is that being that it is a separate timeline from our own, it allows for one to essentially re-write a lot of the world we know today, reason being is that the Author could have written a whole series of books on the continued history of conan up to the modern day and he would still have complete creative freedom to shape the world however he saw fit. There are plenty of stories that are centered around a fictional earth which don’t have to, and in most cases don’t, represent our actual earth as it is in reality. There is nothing wrong with taking the creative freedom. I mean Just think about how many movies and books were written about the year 2000 and how different the world would be, meanwhile it is nothing like how they “predicted” yet they still had every creative right to predict and shape the earth of their stories as they saw fit.

Rewriting the orbit of the moon though? We would need some serious tides… and probably severe earthquakes…

Not real? This could explain so much.

The moon? Bah!
This could explain why the Cimmerians are black, and why such a wide variety of races have congregated into a single place.
Why sandstorms dive underwater to get you, but leave you alone if you wear a funny mask.
Why you can drink ocean water.
Why nobody ever dies permanently.
Why you have to strip naked to avoid frostbite.
Why you can outrun the wildlife.
Why you can remove your bracelet to kill yourself, while simultaneously needing The Keystone to remove your bracelet.
Why you can’t come back to the Exiled Lands if you use The Keystone to leave (because you probably wake up from tavern brawl where you got knocked out with a soup femur).

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From what I read on XKCD comics and Because Science. Moons orbit has many effects on us… it slowly changing course isnt gonna be world ending.
Theres no real events to point out what would happen to earths rotation if moon changed its.
(sounds like good question for Because Science…)

heck, if earth were to magicly stop spinning (we all be dead basically instantly) the moon would get earth turning again.

Its not slowly changing, it is going backwards implying it is orbiting the earth once a day! Thats some serious speed…

That’s the thing about it though - with all the madness that came from the war between the Giant-Kings and Lemurians, stuff like a temporal loop trapping the massive magically induced sandstorm, are the sun and moon actually travelling on their wrong paths? Could it be some kind of weird refraction and it’s only perceived as such? Not as an excuse or to hand-wave it away but I think the age-old adage of “it’s magic, I ain’t got to explain sh*t” fits.

I’m inclined to think its an oversight, not deliberate.

I don’t buy it, though it’s not unreasonable. It’s not a hard thing to set pathing directions for things like this when making the worldspace. The impression I get is that it’s intentional and more to just impart the feeling of ‘there’s definitely something not right going on here’.

EDIT: an addendum: aside from the continuous not-right happenings, it also serves the notion of ‘something wrong happened here.’

Tbh I still think the sun is way more weird… How can you have desert in the south and snow in the north, when the sun goes south to north? Both areas should be equally hot (or cold).

Conan is not that kind of mythos though. Its set in a distant human age. Lets be honest about the wall and bracelet; its convenient to keep you contained on the map which is a limited resource.

Now I’ll point out something else; the star field also counterrotates. Take that with the sun and shadows moving correctly and I say, oversight.

If you want to know what really happens in the exiled lands then admin-spawn the “Essence of the Ring of Set” and read its description.

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Or it’s really the year 2349 and we’re all inside a simulation of 2019, thinking we’re playing a game that is simulating a fictional environment loosely based on Conan the Barbarian.