The Morrigan's Sidhe | Dedicated Server| 5x Harvest/2x XP| 25 Slots Max Clan size 6

At The Morrigan’s Sidhe we are offering Exiles a Dedicated server with 5x Harvest & 2x XP, with slightly faster than vanilla crafting times. PVP with time restricted PVP building damage Mon-Fri starting at 1600 till 2359 CST and all weekend PVP building damage. Our server can host up to 25 players located in NYC hosted by GTXgaming, with max clan sizes of 6 to encourage healthy PVP and no one Alpha Clan dominance. No trolling, griefing, or other forms of harassment will be tolerated. The Morrigan’s Sidhe is a vanilla Conan Exiles server with no mod, but the admin is willing to look at and possible run any mods the community would like. We also use a Discord if you would like to join us there The Morrigan’s Sidhe