The Mortal Realms - Custom PVP - Dedicated - NA-PC-English - Modded plus

The Mortal Realms - Custom PVP - Dedicated - NA-PC-English

For more information or if you have any questions, please contact us via Discord :



  • Harvest Rate: 2.0
  • Weekday XP Rate: 2.0
  • Weekend XP Rate: 4.0
  • Raiding Times: Saturday & Sunday - 12pm - 8pm CST
  • PVP: Always
  • Maximum Clan Size: 8
  • Avatars: Disabled
  • Corpse looting: Enabled


  • Pippi User and Server Management
  • The Mortal Realms


  • Active Discord
  • Obtainable ranks for aesthetic in-game rewards
  • PVP Arena for events and disputes
  • Varying server events weekly
  • New and custom end game content to balance out typical metas
  • New and custom items, including gear and weapons
  • Referral Program where you can earn in-game rewards
  • Custom NPC camps (Including Weekend Warrior Camps)
  • (WIP) Custom PvE Kingdom with portals and quests
  • (WIP) Custom world bosses and dungeons
  • Valdyrheim is now available for play!


  • Don’t camp people or grief them.
  • No foundation spamming
  • NO to Power clans that join just to destroy and leave. (Aka Zergs)
  • No stream sniping (Fair play please)
  • No foundation wiping(edited)