The most important ressource is now ... branch :)

Funcom, please fix this bug.

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Is this spam or are you refering to an exploit?
If it is the latter, you should use the exploit hunter form.

It is not spam, there is an exploit actually.
I will not say it here, already reported.
With branch your are the king of the server …
Must be fixed urgently …


Its been reported by thousands. Funcom is aware. They just arnt being vocal about it. I think we got ONE reply about it so far.

4 days ago…

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Weekends. No patch. Easter monday, no patch.

Tuesday - last minute testing and last minute problem fixing if hotfix.

Wednesday - Hotfix release. If not hotfix, then mega patch the week after next week on Wednesday.

Go deck your thralls out in epic Vanir Heavy.

Easter Monday? A holiday I’ve never heard of, must be nice… I assume you are guessing the schedule right? Because at this point 2 weeks plus an additional half a week not counting the full additional week if its the “mega” patch would bee 2 weeks too late. The problem was immediately noticed and the devs were not standing around scratching their heads unless they were playing dumb because no one wanted to take the fall. 10 mins and the hotfix could have gone out. Every minute that passes without the hotfix tells me that they pushed the deploy button and every single dev stood up and walked away. No respect for their own work. When I deploy my eyes are glued to the comments forum waiting for one person to have a problem. glued.

Remember, Im the dude saying we should cut them slack for the fudge up. I wont ever say cut someone slack for a lack of integrity and work ethics. Because when my code is fudge I dont stop until its fixed. Work Ethics.

Edit. I have no idea why I said it’s been out 2 weeks. Brainfart.

It’s the cadence I observed so far after 1 year of playing CE. But basically yeah. I’m guessing.

What’s wrong with the branches?

Yes we’re all human. But with every fudge there could be a make-good, and whether you’re in the ad business or the journalism game, that gets costly. Worse, it depletes the team. Instead of making the next patch from TestLive the thing, they’re re-tasking some humanpower to correcting an issue that then needs to go before QA. This scenario sounds counterproductive, and thus I’m a supporter of their “roll-up” method wherein patched, or game additions, also include fixes to these problems, where they’ve been run by QA in its due process.

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It’s been fixed internally and it should come out soon.
It’s also been Easter vacation for us and we’re incorporating today :wink: (Oslo office).

Quite nice. It’s a public holiday in some countries, including Norway.

While I’m sure myself and others are glad to hear this, the damage has already been done and after raiding some clans on our server, the amount of resources they had in terms of this exploit was absolutely absurd, we needed 5-6 vaults to fill fit it and these were a small clan of 3-4 players.

This has happened across multiple PvP servers which will upset the balance for a very long time to come. New clans will be vastly out resources by people who used this exploit.

I’m still waiting for a similar tread about poop being exploitable and “the most value resource” in the game. Since we have poop in the game, its just a matter of time, Im optimistic it will happen. keeps fingers crossed :poop:


They need to do server wipes. Its time.

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