The multi-talented Neebs Gaming has unleashed... a song you won't regret listening!

(direct link)
All credits go to Neebs Gaming for making this. I had no part in it.


amazing! love their videos!

Yes, I love their videos too, this is a good one. I just discovered them recently (also the game too, just a few months ago).

I challenge you to now find where in the game do you hear neebs’ voice? These guys actually have a place where you can hear them in the game when you are playing it.

I regret listening to that song. Can I have my money back?

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It’s that bronze door thing isn’t it?

I helped them! (In-game, that is.)

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Why’d you regret listening to it? :smirk:

Because I wanted to see if I could get my money back this way.

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If you spent money on this fan music video, you were tricked. I carry zero responsibility.

I didn’t, but listening to rap makes me want my money back anyway. Some money. Any money.