The music in CE

Hey Funcom, I wanted to say a big congratulations to the music / sfx team that worked/ is working on CE. They really nailed the atmosphere of each zone. The volcano especially has absolutely amazing music. Please keep this team on for Dune and future games :slight_smile:

How about a DLC for the soundtracks?


I’d agree. The soundtrack is pretty killer. I think it was released with barbarian edition.

I really dig the music as well. I tend to listen to it at my boring job while trying to daydream up new building ideas. :grinning:

tons of the music selection actually comes from age of conan,. :slight_smile: still really good… :slight_smile:

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I really admire Telith’s Lament from the official soundtrack. I love the sword, and as a brass player I generally respect floutists but this one is remarkable for the low register and therefore epic lung capacity.

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