The Never Ending "Loading Screen" Story

At 15:30 US CDT, I was able to log in to 3827.
After 1.5 hours of playing, I had to log out.

When I tried to login at 18:30, I was stuck at loading screen.

While in the game earlier, I checked the event log; it appears that while I was staring at the loading screen yesterday, my character was in the game waiting for me, then died, presumably to hunger and thirst as I had logged out in an enclosed building.


Appreciate the update on this matter. Thanks @Mayra Thanks @Community

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The pve conflict suits me perfectly, I don’t have endless loads and the server is full.


You’re welcome. I did nothing really, but I appreciate the recognition.
We have managed to keep this (sort of) on topic, and not turn to toxicity/ Dev bashing. With 200+ posts now I think that might be a forum record. So thanks everyone!

We were aware that #3952 was still active hence the influx of new players. Unfortunately it may suffer the same fate as #3827. But I’m glad it’s currently still accessible.

Did you respawn at your base, or in the desert?


The only solution that I see is to eliminate the servers without conflict and put them back, for people who have things on those servers it is a big annoyance but in the long run I think they could enjoy those servers again

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I was actually thinking this the other day when it was at 150 posts. I still thank @AndyB for jumping in briefly. I believe he actually helped keep this thread positive and on target. If a thread like this was just ignored and we got the same old “We understand it’s being looked into” explanation it might have veered off into dev bashing.

PlayStation Community Unite! :star_struck:


Crom, I have never prayed to you before. I have no tongue for it. No one, not even you, will remember if we were good men or bad. Why we fought, or why we died. All that matters is that two stood against many. That’s what’s important! Valor pleases you, Crom… so grant me one request. GRANT ME A SERVER FIX! And if you do not listen, then the HELL with you!


09.11am GMT no access to 3041
23.32pm GMT no access…

I DID warn you lol

Little Miss Muffet sat in her Turret
Eating her gruel and whey
Along came a Boss Spider, sat down beside her
And scared all the servers away!


Server pve-c 3041 en pve-c 3042 also… bolth eu servers…
Since the update


I also cant login to 3041

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It respawned me at my bedroll


My experience for 4/24/21

I was able to login at approximately 08:00 US CDT.
Remained logged in for 12 hours.
At approximately 20:30, I lost connection to server.
3827 disappeared from server list for 5 to 10 minutes.
When it returned to list, I was able to log back in.
Review of the Event log verified a server restart had occured.
What was odd about log was that that it wasnt the standard multiple line time stamped log of a server restart, it was just a one line entry, the phrase Server Started.
I then stowed what I could, and logged out for the night.
Scheduled Server Restart is about 30 minutes away.
I hope to be able to slide in when the server is fresh.

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Hey, at least you had a chance to feed and pet your animals, hand your ladies tissues for their tears at missing you and give your men a bigger beer allowance for the continuing party they’ve been having in your absence!

06.05am GMT mon morning, 3041, no access

I got a bit Rusty yesterday, geez that one is tough as hell on an old non PVP bird, those hooligans have absolutely no manners!

What with that and Ark going all seedy, it’s starting to feel like a Keep Mibsy Out conspiracy!

Please bring back Conan, all is forgiven!

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I guess what is confusing me the most about this, is the intermittent nature of the problem; it happens to some (most) some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time.

As this is on console, there should be no variation on the client side of things, so one would think that all users of this type would be affected in the same way.

I also find it odd that this behavior only appears to be affecting the Official PVE-C servers ( I could be mistaken about this).


Hoping for great news this week


It’s happening to nearly every server unfortunately. There are only 1 or 2 servers that seem to be mostly unaffected. With #3827 being one of them. All other servers are currently not joinable.

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How goes the work into correcting the login issues for users?

Thanks in advance.


Ongoing, but no breakthroughs at this time.


O i miss the old days where you had to feed your animals or they cry and eventually die :smile:

Yeah PvP is not my cup of tea. Its just gangs of people harassing one another endlessly.


@AndyB we appreciate the update