The Never Ending "Loading Screen" Story

Thanks to all the community on here for coming together on this issue.

I can’t understand myself how 1 game can have so many server issues when I have never seen it on this scale/scope on any other online experience.

I have played since beta on Xbox and to this day it has always been the same problem on both consoles.

Server quality… I can only realize they are unaware of the state this has constantly been in on the consoles?
(Lack of listening)

or they have just kept this issue low on their “to do” list.
(Lack of concern)

Maybe they think of us as just console cry babies?

I can’t understand how the person in charge of this keeps getting a paycheck for poor performance but I wouldn’t want to be the community manager who has to helplessly listen to all of this.


Hey there,

Another quick update on this issue. The fix for it is currently undergoing and it’s scheduled to come with the first patch or hotfix after the release of Siptah.


Thanks for letting us know, it’s greatly appreciated… but its funny how the updates are “quick” but the fix is taking forever. Exactly 31 days today since the last patch. And now we have to wait till after Siptah lol…
Sons of the Forest will be out before we get a fix and i can’t wait!


Im sorry, but something doesn’t ring true here for me.
To be clear this is not directed at Community staff, they are merely messengers.

9 days ago this fix was allegedly given to coders with Class A Crirical status.
… 9 days …
Now we are being told, at some unspecified date after May 27th, this fix will finally be implemented.

This is not a good way to keep your customers satisfied, and willing to spend more money on your product.

A few slightly off- topic questions.

Do consoles get hotfixes?

What determines if an issue is resolved with a Hotfix, or a patch?


Will the decay timer stay off untill the hotfix?

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Some fixes are easy to code and implement, while others are more complex and they alter deep parts of the code making them risky to develop and implement. This is one of the latter. Apologies for the time it might take to get fully developed.

Consoles have gotten hotfixes in the past. However, we are streamlining the nomenclature of our patches at the moment and we may lean towards Updates/Hotfixes, while using patch as a general term. Regardless of that technicality, what I meant is that this fix is currently scheduled to come with the first patch (which may be labelled as a hotfix) after the release of Siptah. Internally, that is version 2.4.5.

Decay will only be re-enabled once the fix is out and confirmed working.


Thanks for the response.
I do realize that some words can be sticky.
I am also aware of additional costs and restrictions associated with pushimg out updates on consoles, whch was why I was asking for specificity regarding hotfixes, and patches.

If this problem is a deep code issue, could you at least in some way explain how some PVE-C servers are currently accessible while others are not?

Unfortunately I don’t have access to that information. What we know from this end that it’s labelled as risky, which often means that it tackles parts of the code that can cascade into multiple additional issues if not addressed and tested properly.


Sooo basically, buy Siptah and then we may start on that hotfix. It seems convenient that if you put Siptah out, players will migrate there and forget about PVEC, then your coders can continue that sweet procrastination… Sorry, but Im passed being understanding. If this was a problem that happened only one week before the patch, id realize that… But Ive been sending tickets about this for MONTHS and getting “we will take care of it” type responses just to brush me off. Now that Siptah is coming out, you know its the last ditch effort to get some money from the people who are ready to finally check out of this “we break, we DLC, we fix but break something else, we DLC, we break, we fix but break something else and leave it broken, but DLC” circle.

It’s “complex”?.. So is the patience of your playerbase once this cycle is realized… But lets add healing animations and no roll when encumbered…

I understand you are the messenger but someone in management there needs a wake up call


Toda la Razon del mundo. Anoche estuve en un server de PC lleno de MOD funcionando completamente bien todo. Y parecía que estuviera jugando a otro juego Totalmente. Como es posible que La comunidad Cree Contenido tan Bueno, GRATIS y los propios programadores solo crean Parches y actualizaciones de sus propios errores que en ves de arreglarlos, empeoran mas. ¿Sera posible que se le puedan pagar a gente así? y los que de verdad crean contenido no reciban ni las Gracias, si no encima ahora e visto que con el nuevo Parche 2.4 La animación de equipar o desequipar el arma se la copiaron de los MOD. Haci Cualquiera Crea contenido… Copy and paste


Lets all fork over our hard earned money to buy Siptah only to check out the new loading screen :sunglasses:


Totally agree that changes should be properly tested before bringing them live, which is exactly what should have been the case before tinkering with the code leading to this situation where we are now. Since this is not happening on pc or xbox, maybe its finally time to stop dumping pc stuff to PS4 hoping it works and actually develop for PS4. Put up a testlive server for PS4 perhaps?


So basically we the paying customers who bought the base game and DLC’s need to be MORE than patient because you sold a product that doesn’t work as intended. Looks like I’ll be purchasing Rust instead of sipta.


El problema es cuando se lanzan una MEGA Actualización 2.3 Totalmente ROTA que encima Modifican cosas que funcionaban correctamente. ( nudes or loading screens among others ) para vender Falsas esperanzas y callar la boca a los jugadores de Consola. Mientras en PC se lanzaba la 2.4 ( Sorry mi lenguage but I’m tired of translating and reading nonsensical responses from Funcom Communicators. To give false hope and sell smoke )
Ahora nos dicen que ni siquiera la Actualizacion que saldra proximamente en Consola Dia 27 solventara el problema de los Servidores Oficiales Pve.C
Conan Exile is Free in XBOX Game pass and PS4 Sell Siptah at a price to recover lost PC and Xbox.
that’s what console PS4. players feel

I am a PC and PS4 gamer.
and I notice the difference between both platforms with the same game.
It is not Sony’s fault that Funcom treats its Players badly. As they try to sell those answers of Certifications or other excuses.


I feel like that’s the main issue with console. There so no live test environment.

Maybe its an issue with Sony/Microsoft. If FC has different versions of the game on the same platform they would have to pay some type of fee/royalty for both versions. Unless they have a dev kit (highly doubt those things cost a fortune). Everything MUST be ported and tested on the PC side first.

Im not in the know-how of how PC patches get updated or fees but maybe the cost of pushing out updates is just too high to have every week or every 2 weeks. So they try and lump everything in all at once. Remember Sony and Microsoft won’t push anything without full approval. That is time and money that someone needs to pay.


Recuerda que TODOS los juegos se Actualizan sin problemas en PS, Xbox y PC si conoces alguno exepto Conan ¿? TESO tiene mas DLC y expaciones y esta al día en PC y Consola. Destiny 2,… Incluso algunos van mas alla y te los hacen Crossplay Ark, CoD… Y se actualizan sin problema. Es Sony o Microsoft los causantes de estos Desastres ¿? por favor…
Repito. Si conoces alguno otro juego que se parezca a Conan en este sentido dime cual. ( Updated PC but Consola old.)

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You just named all Triple-A titles that’s the difference.

FC doesn’t have the budget to blow on pushing out updates every week. All of them games and companies also have microtransactions that keep the money flowing in every single day. If Conan started to do Microtransactions to offset the cost of providing more updates/patches the community would be outraged.

I wouldn’t mind microtransactions, to be honest as long as it didn’t break the game more by making the game pay to win.

Also, a quick look at wiki FunCom doesn’t look like they are trying to find other sources of revenue.
Only 2 games after Conan were being developed but canceled.

Conan Exiles 2018 Survival PC, PS4, Xbox One[28] Developed by Funcom Oslo
World Heroes CD Cancelled Fighting Mega-CD
Midgard Cancelled MMORPG PC

And 4 games Published

Conan Exiles 2018 Survival PC, PS4, Xbox One[29] Developed by Funcom Oslo
Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden 2018 Turn-based strategy PC, PS4, Xbox One Developed by The Bearded Ladies[30]
Conan Unconquered 2019 RTS PC Developed by Petrogylph
Moons of Madness 2019 First Person Horror PC, PS4, Xbox One Developed by Rock Pocket Games
Metal: Hellsinger 2021 First-person shooter PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS5, XSX Developed by The Outriders[31]

I think they are making due with what they have. Conan has to be their main squeeze. I think its just being managed really badly.

That or TenCent is really running the show and FC has no say in what really happens. Gonna squeeze as much money out of Conan then disband the studio after :roll_eyes:

Im sure if they would make a test server for PS4 , there would be so many volunteers to test stuff on the PS4 side which would benefit also the PC version Im sure, and it would also make PS4 community more involved and not feel so neglegted as of now. Count me in as a tester if needed :blush: so not getting siptah for now but Ive decided to wait and not quit the game because I really like it dispite of all the issues.

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Algún juego Que se Actualice en PC y dejen las otras plataformas Abandonadas¿?.. Ni Triples A ni Indies. Solo CONAN EXILE.
Si jugaras con la Comunidad de Consola y PC. Entenderias mejor. Piensas que Siptah es la Panacea a todos estos problemas¿?. O Sony y Microsoft Crearon este problema para Dividir a la Comunidad¿?.
Te Recuerdo que Sacaron la 2.3 en Consola (Fuera de plazo que prometieron en el Directo.) Una semana antes sacaron 2.4 en PC. Pero gracias por Aclarar que la 2.4 no Solventara el problema de Pantalla de Carga. :wink: estos funcionan así. Promesas sin sentido.

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It’s a mess of a time.
The number of available devs and other staff is probably very tight right now.
We don’t know what portion of the dev team has been dragooned for preparing Dune. As I understand it, the planned Dune game was a very shiny bit of plumage that attracted Tencent, so it stands to reason a not inconsiderable amount of human resources are tasked there. The devs devoted to preparing Siptah for release are also sorta locked down.
Now, we do know the recent pandemic has created some difficulty with translating the game to console. Either the in house console team is reduced, or the outsourced team had to shift, ect.

These are reasons, not excuses.
It’s an unholy mess, and at a very bad time.
Realistically speaking, FC won’t be able to shuffle their tech staff as freely as they would have in years past. On the other hand, this lock out basically renders the game unplayable for a not insignificant number of players. It’s protracted length is absolutely ruinous for player morale and relations.

TLDR; I do not doubt that FC is doing all they can with the resources available. I also don’t think even the most vitriolic player responses are unfounded.

At least there is a tentative time frame.