The Never Ending "Loading Screen" Story

that‘s a bad joke. such an incompetence.

and always the same words to the players. i waited so long for a solution. but nothing changed.

after that it‘s time to say goodbye to conan. thanks for nothing, funcom.


Hi ’ was you able to login this morning?
I’m guessing not! I couldn’t on any eu server :pensive:

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Our community is decaying just like everyone’s bases in servers that won’t load… sad and disgusting to say the least


No I couldn’t , just stared at the loading screen for in disbelief.


Nothing new to add, but further echoing what has already been said.
I know it has already been noted, but it’s always good to let it be known how pervasive the issue is.

So, everyone looking forward to playing after the stability patch drops?


Yo juego en el 42 de la unión europea. Y no funciona, apartir de las 3 de de la tarde hora española, es imposible conectarse. Esta semana pasada en mi servidor éramos jugando 3 personas durante la semana. La gente deja de jugar. El juego se muere y no haceis nada. Está bien la actualización pero si el servidor no acompaña pues todo el mal sigue igual

I couldn’t get on 3054, 3041/2, and 3051… I gave up trying after those failed. I’m guessing the rest are down also… What a shame.

Pudiste conectarte esta manana?

No, a las 9 de la mañana intente entrar y ya no me dejaba. Una pena mañana intentare entrar. Espero que desactiven la perdida de edificios porque la mitad se van fuera.

Si, realmente es una pena. Tal vez manana entremos🤞

Esperemos porque si no la gran mayoria va dejar el juego. Esperemos que no nos tiren las estructuras porque si no es una putada @CodeMage una pregunta, van a poner para que las estructuras no se caigan?

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Looks like all the US PvE-C servers are also experiencing the same issues.


Are any of you still experiencing issues connecting to any PvE-C servers outside of the above 4? Are 3041-3042 working now? What about the US ones?

Unfortunately every PvE-C server seems to be down. Are you able to connect to any?

Woke up nice and early today just for my dose of conan after the daily server restart and… still cant get in.

I believe the patch broke something becuase I cant get into any pvec server. It used to be just 3522. And now i see there is 2/40 on 3522 which means im logged in dying over and over. The 2nd person is a known person on discord who also cant get in. RIP!


yeah it’s been like this for 6 months for multiple servers, I really believed that the update would fix this like was told to me by Funcom, but instead the problem has escalated to every PVE-C server.


Wish they would disable decays while they figure out whats going on. Thats would 100% make everyone not be so on edge about not being able to login


I agree 100%


Any news on what’s being done to these server’s, to make them playable? @Community

If we lose our base’s and 1000’s of hour’s of work, I will simply just quit, no point anymore, I just want to play the damn game nothing more


I with you… I’ve invested so many hours in my server, if it decays im done with conan… sad to say

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