The new aggro settings in age of war really need to be fixed

I know i see alot of complaining about alot of things in the new age, but for me personally, nothing is as important as these aggro changes. enemy ai was always dumb, and it always will be, barring a full-scale recoding of the behaviors which isn’t gonna happen.
but since the age of war patch, there have been numerous times when i run into large camps and enemy npcs just run away from me. it’s like i got far enough away from their spawn points that they just become blind and run away.
i also murdered someone in cold blood in the streets of sepermeru and the citizens of the city could plainly see me, but didnt aggro.
i know some people might welcome the fact that you can run into an enemy camp and not automatically be ambushed by a dozen people, but honestly, if a crazy lady with a samurai sword runs into new asgarth, the entire settlement should be on alert and try to kill her.
granted, there is no way to make all of us happy, some like the way it was, some like the way it is, and we all have varying opinions on stamina changes and suchlike. but for me, the dumbing down of mobs is game breaking, or atleast immersion breaking.

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