The new arrows, some feedback


  1. In PvP I would say I don’t really notice it. It blips on the screen momentarily when rolling over it. It’s useless if it was intended for slippery surfaces. We attempted to see the change in climbing with the effect but it ends so quickly you have no worries for catching yourself before it’s to late.

  2. Tar should be exactly that. That would be the first thought that came to mind when I first saw it on the list. It seems more like an oil slick at this point but even than the status effect wears off to quickly.

  3. Resources aside tar takes some serious heat to set ablaze the damage definitely needs a boost. Its so viscous, again sticky, that it could even apply a guaranteed burning status? And I mean tar natural and man-made.


@ Oscar

I’d just like to know why the decision is to scrap the expected function of fire arrows than to have them fixed to ignite tar and tar affected foes. It seems like maybe its just not a priority over other archery features but it would serve a great purpose over using explosive ammo to create a combo, even if the recipe needed to be tweaked to balance this combo effect.

As for light arrows, is it a possibility to have them stay on a target and illuminate them? I currently play with Age of Calamitus mod and the starfire arrows currently achieve this, just not as bright. I think what I’m asking for is having these arrows both for illumination purposes and also for tagging so targets at night can be easy to spot without the need of a torch once they are tagged. The damage doesn’t need to be there, I think the arrows can server a utility purpose which can inspire some creativity.

Lastly, I understand some archery update is to come with mentions of bringing the power shot back for precision aiming (which I am excited for), but can we expect a overhaul of how arrows crafting costs/effectiveness and a restructure of the accuracy traits? I don’t argue that 50 accuracy with end-game bow is weak but functionally it seems odd to add physical effects that should naturally occur as a bonus. I’m mostly speaking on the 1st and 2nd trait both of which should, imo, be made baseline or flat out removed for more meaningful traits. This sort of goes for all the traitlines to be honest with strange outliers (like infinite weight limit) but for the most part they flow ok, accuracy not so much.

As for arrows, I like how they are not the biggest factor of damage on a bow however their costs to craft, effectiveness such as penetration/function seem unbalanced. Glad to hear snake arrows are getting some attention but maybe this could be a matter of bringing the non-utility arrows more in line with each other so those in different regions have something to work with OR giving them a sort of utility purpose like having rare metal arrows offer more penetration. As it stands I never have found a reason to craft above razor arrows for direct damage or snake arrows for their cheap cost (although razor is pretty cheap too).


if tagging from a light arrow does happen, maybe just adding a tiny glow area to the end of the arrow (feathery bit) could do the trick, such as how the eyes of a RockDonkey glow red in the night.

sorry for rockdonkey references, but i just made 2 rockdonkey quests here lol :smiley:


Im all up for this snake arrow balance, but it has to be done on pair with the entire arrows/archery balance. At low/mid levels, before you have the best thralls, multiple outposts and easy access to resources snake arrows ARE what makes archery viable. If you take that away you will kill archery for good.


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