The new enemy engagement does not feel or look good

I will shoot someone with a bow in a camp, have him run halfway to me before giving up and running back to his guard post. I think you need to rethink/undo the changes you made with these chase/aggression distances


Not new. Was already happening before the new age.

I am inclined to agree. I was looking for something I did not get.
I feel clunky and my thralls feel horrible.
It almost feels as though they want to undo the work that was done. For example Pets. They introduced them as something cool, but other than having them be there, they don’t do anything.

I’ll see what they do. I can’t justify getting the battle pass in the game’s current state. Not because I can’t afford it, or don’t want it. I just don’t want to complete it, in the state of things currently.


Not nearly to this level

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thanks for the post Nethermore - we’re going to continue making some adjustments especially in the bigger camps to avoid things like early resets


This is not about cheesing with bow and dragging anyone outside of camp… new AI leash is very tight even inside the CAMP… NPCs quitting even from active combat now (melee too), thats not feels right.
Their zone too small, NPC should come after player (after him being spotted) until he dead or leave the area (entire camp zone).
But now, they just stand still even when you running around killing the others.

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AI leash definitely should be longer than a bow damage distance

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I pointed this out on test weeks ago. Do you all just ignore posts from testers or what?


As someone who has played this game since Early Access. AI behavior feels like 50 steps back to what it felt like in early days where AI was so… clueless. This is first thing came to my mind after patch when fighting AI… its like flash back to old days.


pff… as if this helps to counter the stupid changes you desided to make.

The s… storm already started after the last livestream of yours. This was over a month before the update. You just decided to ignore all playerfeedback and went through with it.

Now, despite the fact that people have lost massiv amounts of items and thralls do to a bug that you could have easily prevented you are still in denial and ignorance.

Combat- and Staminasystem was fine after 3.0 but no you just had to lay hands on a working system to kill it off. Congratulations!


Not the first time :slight_smile:

I agree with the combat feeling sort of ‘off’
Dont have any problem with the stamina system, but the enemy seems to be very dumbed down.

Sometimes it feels ok, but sometimes they just stand there, get stuck, run around like headless chickens, attack where you’re not, and so on.

Beating down the bone dragon in the sinkhole with a solo lvl 50 while hes not a threat at all just feels
not right :sunglasses:


Some adjustment would be welcome. I went to the Pools of the Grey Ones several times during the weekend. You know, those guys often stand in pairs at entrances etc. Shooting one caused the other one to maybe twitch from his spot a little, and then ignore the shooting. “Must have been the wind”, a resident of Skyrim would have said. And the guy getting shot at sometimes got bored of trying to approach me and went back home to regenerate. That never happened to me before.

Curiously, I discovered that “body-pulling” NPCs from Stygian Invader camps aggroed pretty much the same people from the same distance as before. I didn’t try shooting them to aggro, though.

I dont get this welcomed thing about agro range at all? It that such an issue? I played since EA time and never got swarmed by 20-30 enemy’s, just play cool and plan how you approach big enemy camps, that’s all.
Problem is such radical change castrate NPC AI even more, and this is really unfortunate turn of events. No hate guys, just facts.


I still wish the NPCs and Beasties were more ‘realistic’ in their moves regarding speed and maneuverability. Their set-piece moves could be more smooth and decisive and be a lot more based on our character responses. - but I suspect that would annihilate server performance and we don’t want that :slight_smile:

Instead of that, we have stupid, VERY simple -and quite frankly: boring- enemies, which annihilates a big portion of players’ (single players mainly) entertainment - we don’t want that either.

Yep, BUT this is the first of three installments to AoWar. Funcom have in the past taken on board feedback from the rabble (us) and tweaked things. I do think that much more exponentially challenging T3 and T4 creatures should be a thing, but should be more rare and hard to find - or be found by (maybe the seige stuff and purge changes will bring some of that).
ps: sorry arachnophobes, but I do still think they should bring in some trapdoor spiders to Jungles and the like. I know they won’t, but some credible threats will always make a game more interesting. Nothing like feeling that ‘I am food’ moment to keep things real. :smiley:

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This is my experience as well. Unless I’ve been especially careless, I’ve not aggroed more people at a time than I could handle. And picking a fight in the middle of Sepermeru should be a bad idea, not just a free smörgåsbord of T4 crafter thralls.

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This isn’t an excuse. Imagine buying a car without tires. You could technically still drive it. But why would you want to? It’d be a horrible experience.

I understand incremental changes. They’re fine provided you don’t break the system just to fix it 3 months later. The aggro changes should have been excluded from live based on feedback. Failing that, patched out very shortly after.

I do suspect Deadlines happen and/or there are some ‘losses in translation’ between Dev Platform to Testlive back to Dev Platform to Pre-release to Live. Not making excuses for anyone, but anyone working in Tech and have a messy release that’s got to go out, to multiple platforms, in multiple formats, all over the planet, catering to mods, during potential cyberwarefare (all the time) - can be a bit of a tap-dancing on quicksand.
I also think all releases should be on early weekdays so there’s ample time to fix issues - or ensure all staff and outside parties are on hand over weekends.
No idea if a simple coupld of lines stating they know there’s an issue and that it’s being worked on or being delayed by x, y, and z.

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