The new Funcom VS old Funcom

Which stagger bug? The last time I fought NPCs on testlive (2.5 patch) I had no problems.

Several people are reporting on NPCs failing to stagger unless they are in an idle animation. So they are having to just stand there and take hits of just use one fast attack and then block

I’ll try to link the thread about it

Thanks, I found it already :slight_smile:

So the NPCs seem to always have hyper armor when attacking.


Sweet, I found it but am too pokey. It sounds like the new plan to give NPCs and players temporary stagger resist after being staggered many times on a row is probably the most logical root of the problem

But yeah, functionally it’s basically like they all have hyper armor, and I can’t imagine it’s not a bug


What’'s point of that video? It shows that you play lazily, getting surrounded by enemies all the times which does not prove any point. Ps you should record video on daytime as it’s barely wisible at the end,

Maybe testlive was a bit better, maybe not, i dont really know, I do now that now there’s huge issue with this. It’s impossible to fight thralls without getting hit no matter how good you can play.

The video clearly shows that the NPCs still got staggered on testlive.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but it’s clearly possible to cater to everyone. Conan Exiles has a playerbase that proves that. You just need to look at the Steam Charts and you can see that, despite the peaks and valleys, the long-term trend shows that Conan Exiles playerbase is growing.

As for the game not being popular as it “should have been”, that’s just magical wishful thinking. You can compare it to other games if you want, but saying it didn’t turn out as popular as you would’ve wished is merely a nice sentiment. It doesn’t actually say anything about the game itself.

Funny, because I’m pretty sure there are many people on these forums who find that it’s better than it ever was. Funcom added a whole lot of content and new game mechanics, and they’ve done countless improvements to the game.

Yes, that was part of the point I already made. If you want a true survival game, right out of the box, there are better choices than Conan Exiles. If you want to turn Conan Exiles into a true survival game, you’ll need a private server and probably mods. That’s what Conan Exiles is: a jack of all trades, master of none.

And I don’t mean that in a negative sense, at all. I still enjoy many aspects of the game, and it’s a formula that seems to be working, still, no matter how much people on the forums insist that the game is dying.

People keep bringing up this popularity contest, as if it mattered. Newsflash: it doesn’t matter. CS:GO is a hell of a lot more popular than Conan Exiles. PUBG, GTA 5, even the freaking Football Manager 2021, they’re all more popular than Conan Exiles.

Is Conan Exiles a niche game? Maybe. Who the hell cares? If it’s making Funcom enough money to justify its existence, then there’s nothing wrong with it occupying a niche in the market that would otherwise be emptier. Those of us who do enjoy this game are happy that the niche is being filled.

EDIT: Removed an acerbic paragraph that really served no purpose.


The problem I have is that I cant just open the game, go into a pvp server alone and just play for a while. I have to mine a million rocks to get a base and to level up. If you play on a pvp server you have to play this game every day for 1700-2400, if not your base is gone. I cant play CE 2 days a week for exsample if I play on a pvp server. I cant just jump in to have some quick fun for a few hours. Playing alone is very hard. Not hard in the sense that game is hard, but building a base, grinding out the crafting stations, defending the base takes so much time. There is not much action going on. Its all focus on mining rocks and cutting trees. But the reason my friends quit is that they dont want to get locked to be online between 1700-2400 every day just to make sure no one raids the base. Either you play CE as your only game, or you need to play on a PvE server.

Or you find a nice private server that caters to your needs.

Everything you wrote there is basically “the game doesn’t cater to my specific needs”. And that’s a completely understandable complaint to have. But there’s a whole ton of us who don’t share your exact, specific set of needs and desires, and we don’t want Funcom to change the game to cater to you if it means alienating us.

That was the reason why I made my point about private servers in the first place. For better or for worse, Funcom attracted a very diverse audience and they have to keep that in mind. Either they risk a really big pivot – e.g. “we’re a hardcore survival game now, screw competitive PVP players and PVE builders and role-players” – or they keep going as they have so far, with incremental improvements and changes that try not to drive anyone away. :man_shrugging:


Im just telling what I dont like about the game and what my friends have told what they dont like about the game. I dont care that much. I dont play CE anymore. The main reason I made this post was because of the issues I have with how Funcom treats their other games, and how they dont care about heir old community. They dont read the other forums so I had to vent my frustrations here. Conan Exiles not a bad game, Im just mentioning what I think would make it better. It seems like there is a wide variety of opinions about CE and what is best for the game and what game it should be.

Listening and responding are two different things mate.

You remember school right? You remember “listening” to your teacher’s instructions? Did you say something every time the teacher said something? No? So that means you weren’t listening does it?

See the logic here…

Funcom listen, they don’t comment a lot. That’s the reality here.


Maybe it’s a new policy to not respond actively on forums or something? Like the new boss has laid down the new rule?


If you don’t care or play about Conan Exiles then why are you here commenting and driving forum discussion?

I don’t play Pac Man, I’m not on their forums having a hit…


If you an investment in something then have an investment in something!

I have played it a lot. I just dont play at the moment. I do like the game, I just think it could have been better. I dont agree with the direction they are taking the game. I will play it more if it gets new content in the future, but I dont want to right now.
I made the post because im frustrated about how they handle their other games. They made some very good games and now they just rotting away and no one cares about them. They want us to pay subscriptions but they cant even put 1 single dev to work on the game. I been fan of Funcom for many years, they made some of my favorite games. After Tencent bought them there has been a shift in communication, attitude, direction.

Been like that for a looooong while now. Thing is, the more toxic the forums get, the more you’ll notice it happening. :wink:


One of the biggest complains before Tencent bought Funcom was the lack of communication so I don’t know what alternate reality you came from.

They stopped doing anything with Age of Conan long before Tencent took over. Anarchy online well before that. Pretty sure they haven’t done much of anything with The Secret World since before Tencent. So do you actually have any facts to back up your claims?

What success? And that’s a pretty bold claim with no ability to back it up.

Good on you. Doesn’t give you the right to make things up and toss around accusations without any facts to support them however.

They HAVEN’T put out any games yet. You literally have given them no chance before you make this claim.

Provide proof of this. Seriously, show one sliver of evidence to support this claim.

There are a ton of post flagged showing you were they have commented. Open your eyes and take a look.

Another baseless accusation. Provide some proof of this. Show how you know what they think and how they feel. Fact is you can’t, you are making a statement that has no basis in reality in order to push an agenda propagated upon feeling.

And as stated many times by many people in many threads you and just as easily NOT USE A BLOODY THRALL. Is it really that hard to comprehend that simple fact. If you think the game is soooooo easy then leave your thrall at home and do the dungeons and bosses by yourself and stop complaining about thralls killing everything on their own.

And yet others will tell you how easy it is to kill thralls. Go figure.

Having played in pre-launch, launch and up to now I can tell you point blank that is false.

And there you go, you just pointed out reasons why your own argument is false.

Yet so many of the changes they continue to make even in their latest patch are based on player feedback. So again, another baseless accusation with no evidence to back it up.


Man really? When i said CE was better at launch I meant the difficulty. Not use a Thrall? You cant do that on a PVP server when everyone else uses it. My complains about Funcom not listening is because of I played their other games for years and they dont care about them anymore. I didnt say I could proof anything, I said how I felt about it after being in the community for 14 years. The Dune cashhop was my prediction. We will see when it launches. You missed the point of my post. My guess is that the only Funcom game you have played is Conan Exiles.
I didnt say that they didnt change the game but that they change this game in the wrong direction and taking the wrong feedback.
Flagged posts? Only on CE forums, nowhere else.

I pre-ordered Age of Conan and played it from launch actively for 8 years.
I played The Secret World and The Secret World Legends.
And I played Conan Exiles since Early Access so nope, you would be completely wrong. Again you chose to make baseless accusation without any information.

You specifically complained that Thralls killed NPC’s and to easily. NPC’s are not PVP so yeah, you could easily run a dungeon without one. You could easily kill that world boss without one. Unless you are just to afraid that is.

You didn’t need to, that was blatantly obvious.

How would you know? You already stated you don’t even play. And considering a lot of the chances that are being made are what the player base is asking, they clearly aren’t the WRONG direction. They just aren’t what YOU want. Good for Funcom +1 to them.

Says only a person who has never been to another forum ever. rolls eyes


There was nothing in that comment which defended Funcom in any way so I don’t know why shift the goal post to that direction. And I also am not surprised that you have no idea. :slight_smile:

Yes, it is clear that you do not understand. That is quite alright.

Neither are most games that have been in constant development with continuous updates for as long as this one has been out. Games change to suit what the general consensus of what the player base is asking for and what is possible with the resources at hand as well as other factors. You seem to think that Conan Exiles was advertised as only one tiny little aspect of what it was back in early access, but having bought the game in early access and having played it back then too I can attest to the fact that this is clearly not the case. Now, do not get me wrong, I am not claiming that PvP (your stated preference) is a tiny aspect, but you clearly do not want JUST PvP but such strict control over every single aspect of the game as to narrow it down to a custom experience just for you and to hell with everyone else. That’s not how companies work and that’s not how they make money (and you would also be the only one playing).

Lastly, why the hell was his post hidden? There was nothing wrong with it. Whoever reported it, shame on you.

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