The New Movement

I have been playing this game since early release day one and have never had complaint with the game. Unfortunately that has changed with this newest patch and I find the game unplayable. Please return to the old movement, even if it means losing the mounts.


Agreed. The movement change isn’t worthwhile at all. the only thing anyone should even use for combat anymore is Heavy armor and claws. because claws says “hey crap dodge, you don’t exist, bye bye.” it took away all freedom of difference in play style.

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Agreed. New movement is disaster.
If you want momentum then make it like in real life or another games with that feature. Just look how it was implemented on good 3rd person shooters such Control or Tomb Rider etc.
Dodging also was killed even on lite armor. It is more likely I stop playing than spend points on dodging lol.

It all just return this boring spears meta.

I hadn’t really thought about a spears, but you’re right, this could also potentially be a big comeback of its meta. not to mention the weapons that give you faster movement, like daggers and claws.

Official feedback thread over here:


Thanks Mikey.

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