The new Patch brought the gamer out of me...finally

I have seen some posts that worry the new elite RNG spawns may make the game to hard. Even for Level 60, if not specced right, can be down right brutal. but isn’t that part of survival. Maybe we just got accustomed to button mashing through a camp/pack (bosses not included), that we forgot part of survival is watching for and avoiding possible dangers. I know low levels will have it tougher with elite crocs/hyenas. But isn’t that the point of noob river. To learn how to survive in the Exiled lands. Avoiding something is survival as much as dominating it with Heavy Spamming. How many times have we just ran the server from point a to point b to farm something in mass, ran into a pack of NPC’s, slaughtered them in 2 or 3 minutes, not harvest and just continue? I know i have done it absurdly often. Now, instead, if i am going for iron, i will avoid running straight thru those packs. I will pay attention and path away around so i can get the 10000 iron from Gods Claw with my 10 STR/41 Enc build.

I ask us to step back and think, is it really harder, or is it as it should be, about surviving a brutal landscape?


Sorry, but I absolutely despise those elite mobs and would be a happy camper if we could them turn off in the server settings.
On the other hand I love the stronger human NPCs and how undead are now immune to bleed/poison.

The thing is, the elite mobs feel too “gamey” for my tastes. If the intent was to strengthen the survival aspect of CE, they missed the goal by far.
What would have been good is a more dangerous sandstorm and inclusion of other, similiar, weather events in the other parts of the Exiled Lands.

disagree, i think they did right with those elite mobs. brb


When using the word “gamey” to describe a game, well imo it weakens the second part about missing the goal by far. Conan Exiles is a game about survival, and as i stated, we have become accustomed to button mashing on the game to an extent, and any time we can’t just slaughter the NPC’s, we think it is unbalanced. I have been guilty of this myself. But stepping back, i realized i was only killing and building. I WAS MISSING THE 3RD THING, SURVIVAL. Now i feel it is truly Build, Survive, Dominate.

As for a slider for the RNG of elite spawns, i would 2nd that (0-20%???). Even go so far as to add it for T4 spawn rates…for private and solo of course.

If I may, I think the word “gamey” is correct. But I think the elites actually remove some of that pejorative sense of the word @Kendaric was leaning toward.

I got really pulled into the Building Contest, so I set aside a nice beach in Buccaneer Bay and started to build a crashed Skylab in the sand. While there I put my Berserker to task in different situations vs the big boss croc, a three skull dude. In the building, and the spectating, and the glorious trunk farming, and the meditative silences to let the beautiful music breathe, I came to a realization: we, you and me and Palm and Kendaric, we’re the Elites. We’ve survived a long time between being killed, unlike the poor rest of the saps who come and go like flies. We’re all immortal, even the creatures – thus this Elite conceit reimmerses me in my being there; why should human players be the only real Alpha survivors?

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Very well put. We are the Alphas once we hit 60. But we shouldn’t be. Level 60 should only put us on par with the named Thralls and the elites, not above them. Immersion is feeling like you are a part of something greater. Being Alpha excludes being part of the survival. The elites and stronger NPC’s now remind us, we are not kings, but criminals who must suffer along with them. If we engage with them, be prepared for the taste of their steel, the sting of their bites, because death could be around the corner if we let our ego get the better of us.

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If you’re feeling particularly invincible, pick a fight in the middle of the Devotees in the Volcano. Should sober you up pretty quick.

It’s both. It’s certainly harder, which is as it should be (IMO). I now have to consider whether slaughtering Vathis’ congregation is worth it, while before it was just something I did (excuse the idiotic expression) “for the lulz”.

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I like it. I get bored with easy - mode.

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