The New Patch Did Not Resolve Stuttering or Game Freezing

It appeared that the patch was working to final cut scene after killing Plutonia or whatever her name is. When the cut scene, music and audio all started … the stuttering started … the audio went into a non-ending loop…the cut scenes kept changing with the same audio and music would not stop. It appears the biggest culprit is the music. None of the keys would work. Holding down the space bar did nothing. Pressing the ESC key did nothing. Had to do a Ctrl-Alt-Delete to get task manager and end the process.

In Task Manager showed the game using resources, it never indicated the process had stopped. I tried to give the game time to end the cut scene, but it just kept looping. The pictures would change, but the dialogue kept looping the text on the screen just kept looping through the ending story line.

Please revisit this issue ASAP