The new Player list change is ruining the game

Hi. The change to Player list that came live yesterday already has a devastating effect on the official PvP server I’m on. Before (When it was still normal) anyone who planned to raid someone, be it solo player or a clan, realised the risk of retaliation.
It didn’t matter if the raid happened on a player who was online or offline - the knowledge about the raid was available to the victim via Log and Player list after the event. You could always find the base of the criminals either by scouting or by asking people in the global chat.

Now with this “feature” of yours, the entire dynamics is ruined. People no longer talk in global chat. Raiders are now destroying bases without any consequences and nobody can ever find them because… shocking… all they need to do after the raid is to change the name of their clan.
The clan that appears in the victim’s log doesn’t exist anymore, and you can’t find the base of the criminals because you can’t see the players owning the structures.

Please, change it back.


Es un nuevo sistema de debera permanecer para aquellos jugadores que no disponen de un clan y es muy favorable a los jugadores solitarios espero que no quiten este nuevo sisteme muy muy bien implementado

Agreed. Maybe put a cooldown on changing clan name ?


You can stil see player name if some. Raid you… and even if they’ change clan name you can stil find the
By name it will be harder ofc. But this. New system is great !

“It is a new system of obligations to remain for those players who do not have a clan and it is very favorable to lonely players I hope they do not remove this new system very very well implemented.”

Just here to translate for you guys.


Its killing PVE-C and PVE. We used to have thriving chats. Now it’s dead silence.
People are changing clan names. Which should not be allowed during PVP times anyways.

Overall. A once social server is now crickets.


When they talked about this in one of the live streams they mentioned that there was an ini setting to disable it for private servers. Would be nice to know what that setting is called.
Would be really nice to have a constantly updated sticky post with all the current and working ini settings with short descriptions on what they do.


So, what’s your opinion about the playerlist? You mind letting us know? :slight_smile:

maybe modify clan name on journal log when clan modify his name, or disable the ability to rename a clan.

Not taking into consideration the clan name and reporting issues, this change heavily encourages anti-social behaviour, what is a much more serious problem in a game like this. People chat less because they benefit from not doing so.


I believe the player log snd event log should be gone. Originally they never existed and it was amazing. People always paranoid and blaming one another and no one knew. I really absolutely love this new change and hope they keep it

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Vocal Visibility Settings, Dedicated Server

Accessible if logged on as Server Admin, via ESC Menu in-game: Slider on General Tab, first Server Settings Page.
Slider: Vocal Visibility Duration

X=integer, 0 is off


Agreed. incentivizing silence and lack of interaction seems very counter-intuitive in a social online game. This is, IMO, a very lazy and inappropriate way to address an issue that could/should have been done differently. From my understanding, this was done to help prevent offline raiding. Wouldn’t it make sense to then add an in-game optional mechanic to not allow building damage if no member of a clan is online? Maybe add a server-setting for how long after their last log-off to allow?

No, instead every server I play on is a ghost town with no interactions at all. Fun massively decreased.


the problem with your argument is that all one has to do to show up in the list is talk in game chat. IF no one is appearing, then that means people are deciding not to talk in game chat to announce they are on the server. It seems that only those that used it as Big Brother to watch who was on and not are the ones who miss it most?

Yes, all one has to do is talk in game chat.

Since people are now insentivized (i.e. motivated) to NOT talk, fewer do.

Moreover, just talking in Clan or Local will get you on the list as well.

I think you have it a bit backwards. It’s the people who are afraid of the people using the list as a Big Brother tool that are being penalized.

The people that want to see who is online will use other methods (decay timer, etc).

And my whole point was that we don’t need this ham-handed half-assed lazy method of preventing offline raids. If that’s the intention (as they seemed to have indicated), then make a real method that prevents buildings from being damaged when folks are offline! Then the clowns that are actively looking for offline raid availability are SOL and we can go back to chit-chat as normal :slight_smile:

If one wants to be seen, they have an easy way to do so…un-mute mic and have background noise or sensitivity of mic to pic up sound to stay on list. The new way gives the option for those that do not want to be seen. How is that bad for those people? Before, there was only one option, and that was to have my play time monitored by people i have no inclination to communicate with.

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Please take this with a grain of salt or whichever salt substitute you prefer. Since the anonymizer went into effect, we’ve seen more raiding and almost the same amount of comms in Global as before. We’ve also had a number of new players who have come to us after being chased all over creation by a 10-man clan willing to hop servers just to wipe them again. Your consigning this change to “offline raiding” diminishes the effort here to reduce invasive, snooping/doxxy player behavior. Why should they have a god view of my no lifer status?


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