The new system and Conan Exiles in general


So here it goes.

I have played this since the beginning as a lot of you have. When The official launch happened I played like crazy because it seemed to have mostly come of age and was quite frankly a lot of fun. It was a totaly new game from in the beginning. I looked forward to new content and my daily chore grinds and all the things that are expected from a survival game. Then real life reared its ugly head and I had to step away for awhile. I came back to having what I had on at the time and many many many hours of playing gone.

My first thought was to cuss out the game but then I began to really think about it and it turned into a play ability excercise to make up for the lack of content because I got to/had to rebuild everything. Not so bad, but then the first DLC came out and it occured to me that this game is a lot like ordering a jaguar from the dealer who then delivers you a KIA. You can still get around in the KIA, it does what cars are advertised to do and hell you can even find ways to have fun with it but just when you settle in and accept the fact, the dealer sends you new wheels for the jaguar that you ordered and says buy these because it will make your KIA much better!!

With that I will equate the new thrall system, pet system, fishing system, and dlc’s to forcing those jaguar wheels onto your new KIA, it doesn’t work and it makes your KIA basically non drive able.

With all that being said I have found ways to have fun. I don’t build bases anymore, I build what I need and then traverse the map Conan style eating,slaying and whatever else…there are always new supplies on my victims. So now this game that had such promise has been relegated to my steam library’s basement where i only go when I’m bored. The point of all of this is, As much as I hate what is going on with this game its not fair to berate the Dev’s and make threats about how you will or will not punish them, instead just post bugs you may find if you are so inclined and move along with whatever and however you manage your game time and understand that the dealer is never going to take the KIA back but at some point they will try to sell you a new motor…Its up to you at that point if you buy it or not on the hope that the jaguar motor will make your KIA go faster…


I cannot agree more. Polish this game, fix the issues, and do not recklessly implement new systems, and the drivers (players) will come back. It may not be a Jaguar, but this thing could very easily sit pretty as the Honda Accord that many still enjoy, and are willing to modestly brag upon.


The first car I bought was a (used) Honda Accord. That thing was awesome! Electric sunroof, tinted windows, sawn-off gear stick… I mean looking back it was kinda cringeworthy, but… good times, good times!

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Could not agree more with you and the OP.
Sad thing is we seem to be in the minority here.
As many as there were asking for the pets, as many are there now complaining about it.

Yes I bought the DLC’s, yes I reported bugs, yes I understand the economical basics of a a company but still I expect this game to be what it should can be.

Not much to do but to wait for them to make the currently implemented stuff working, let us see how long this can take :slight_smile:


I am adamant that this game is suffering from very poor project management. I completely agree with the idea of stop trying to crank out new stuff when the game is so buggy.

The game is no longer early access, right? In the alpha stage the game is working out the feature set, and throwing in new content freely. Beta stage means that the software is feature complete, and only bugs and corrections are being implemented. Live code should only rarely get new tweaks to keep it stable. Behind the scenes, or on testlive, they can do the alpha, beta release cycle, while the live version remains stable as a rock.

In a well managed framework this situation simply would not be possible.


It IS fair to berate the devs and the whole organization. Their sloppiness and lack of true vision lead to a game that was spitballed into the hands of people who had to pay a lot of money to get what they were lead to believe was a finished game. Official release was May 8th and months later the state of things is just as abysmal. Since when, in the real world, do you pay money for a Jaguar and get a KIA in return? That sounds like a criminal act to me, maybe fraud?

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