The new Thaumaturgy system / transmog system

I would always expect light gear. By looking at the HP you can see if he uses a PVP META build, because PVP META builds will always have high HP.

Transmog will simply remove the “ez pickings” aspect of the game. Expect the unexpected.

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im having 500-600 hp while im in my farming gear so.

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Sorry that as a PvE player I can’t quite agree from my point of view.

I’m glad that there are three different modes.
To be honest, I wish more games had all three variants.

From time to time I also play PvP just for fun, so I don’t bother building something or farming for a long time.
The main thing is a small battle against others and I don’t care if I lose.

I just like playing PvE, because there you have the opportunity to really build something up.
I would never say that PvP ruins a game though, that’s nonsense.

So that was my view. :joy:

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I would assume like the weapons, armor cannot transmog heavy gear to medium or light gear for example.

If my assumption is correct, then there should be no issue, since you know he is wearing heavy, medium or light. You could not see if he is wearing basic or epic gear before so that doesn’t change either way.

Only thing you will not know is the gear bonus stats.


From Multi’s dev stream recap: Grit

20 Perk Choice 2 - Steel Thewed - You cannot take more than 25% of your maximum health in damage per hit.

So I ask, does it matter what their armor looks like if you don’t know if they have this perk?


I would love to mix some armours with heavy and light for its looks
I really hate every type of heavy headgear, for me its the most useless gear in the game because I really hate helmets that make me bald… (useless cause I don’t use them)

Very immersion breaking I know, but w/e
I can live with both decisions, but I like to transform heavy into a light skin, if they allow else… to bad I just use the royal medium for defence :')

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I mean dont get me wrong i was just joking because of this:

People need to understand that a game with multiple modes needs to be balanced out really hard and well. And its normal that things which hurt pvp wont hurt pve. Because theres a major aspect missing obviously. But we should all try to understand the concerns the other side has and find middle-grounds if needed.


S*it, I still don’t quite check the sarcasm thing. :joy:


I am totally on your side except for this one thing. How about the devs say “this is how it is” and PvP players just deal with it? Personally, armor rarely means much in PvP because by the time a battle gets down to it you’re almost always wearing another dude’s kit. This extra, confusing and possibly Stealth element is actually pretty enticing for PvP, at least for me. You know Conan himself would dig the deception of it.


You’ll always find people of either persuasion doing both of these things. You should be able to see from my (PvE) response alone that your premise is false, unless you yourself is of the first kind.

So let’s do away with the “my playstyle must reign supreme!!” nonsense, eh?


I have no problems with finding a middle ground. I was responding to the “PvP REQUIRES XYZ” part of Mikey’s comment, as though that should automatically trump everything else because screw what every other aspect of the player base may need / want. And as pointed out by others, such as @Kapoteeni the differences between the looks of your basic “heavy armor” and your top tier epic heavy crafted armor are so significant that it wouldn’t really matter if it looked like medium or heavy armor at that point. So yes, a middle ground can be looked at, I was merely commenting on an absolute being proposed. So I think we can agree that neither of us wants an extreme stance to be taken. :grin:

I play pretty much only pvp severs, i wouldnt mind if you can transfer anything to anything. In fact i was kind of hoping to mog into the first armor you can craft, the blue rags lol.

as i said before i was joking because of a specific comment :slight_smile: no hard feelings towards anyone or defending any playstyle.

I explained why i think there could be some problems multiple times. It would matter if it looks like encumbrance heavy but it is actually light fighting gear. Multiple factors change then from strength to stamina to dodge speed not just the amount of armor the guy has. This will impact fighting a lot and can turn out frustrating.

While I don’t really agree personally (not playing PvP), like I said, I do think it’s a fine compromise to limit xmog within “weight classes”, so that I can make Aquilonian Heavy look like Pict Heavy, but not Aquilonian Light or Poitain medium. So I hope that’s what they go with, as it should be “edible” for most players, even if nobody is 100% happy with it.

Edit: Ya, I saw, gave you a heart, too - it’s all good!

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I fail to see what the issue here is about it. I mean come on. You want to talk about ability to review the person’s armor and see a relative level…in a game where i have medium Poitain Armor that appears as plate?..a pirate Reiver heavy armor that is leather and has a freaking floppy hat? A Pictish warchief fur cape that is heavy armor? and my personal favorite is one light helmet that can turn your entire armor value as medium for just wearing that one helm and nothing else…yeah no this idea of immersive armor value appearance judgement left at the design stage.You can’t figure out if that is truly light armor or heavy? Oh no! This just screams like a cowards complaint in PVP. ‘How am I to know if I can just gank this guy or do they kick my @$$’ Seriously? We are going to limit the entire flexibility of fashion that could happen because someone wants to know if they are going to get into a situation where they bit off more than they can chew? Yeah please no. There should be uncertainty when you are attacking folks.


Dude you just don’t get war fashion. The curled brim on the Reiver hat is meant to catch swords.


As far as WYSIWYG, i can understand this in a larger game, but conan is like what 40 max? I can almost garuntee every pvper here, or atleast a member in thier clan is watching player lists like a hawk. Im for transmog across all tiers, mostly because if your gonna attack someone your already commited, and youve probably already seen thier name or just watched them farm. One last thing… all the serious pvpers are probably running a meta or mule build its not like throwing the dice and seeing where they land and usually by now everyone knows how to get what they want by the time they hit 60. Atleast thats my experience.

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So, you propose that they make a major fashion change like this that nobody is pleased with, as opposed to at least pleasing all of the RP & PvE communities 100%? Hell, even most of the PvPers on this thread want to be able to xmog across armor classes, @therryy seems to be the exception.

Besides, like @darthphysicist mentioned a few times, so much is changing in this update that even if you know which armor class your opponent is wearing you really don’t know much about his stats or perks.

We know for a fact that armor will no longer have stats on it, so how will knowing whether someone is wearing heavy versus light tell you their:

strength, health, stamina and dodging and whatnot.

Why don’t we all just wait and see. I personally hope to xmog my heavy helmet to light earrings, yes fashion matters. :kissing_heart:


Yes, absolutely. And I will personally be very pleased with that, so it’s by no means 0%. It’s a very welcome change from the 100% WYSIWYG philosophy that has reigned so far.


I wish they’d get rid of weight classes for armour altogether. Imagine if your roll/dodge and stamina recovery were not connected to the class but to the weight. So if you’re in the red for encumbrance you move the way a person in heavy moves currently. Less carried = medium etc.

The armour stat bonuses are thankfully gone, so if the weight classes were gone too transmog would be totally fine for all game modes. And my personal pet peeve since day one would be gone too: going up a whole weight class just because I like the boots or chest from a medium set better than the ones that go with the rest of the light kit.