The new Thaumaturgy system / transmog system

I wouldnt mind that at all. In fact i think seperate patches for the different modes would be dope because both communities desire different stuff but giving them what they want can potentially hurt the other one so im team seperate patches or working more with settings to turn on/off but i guess thats too hard to realize, if its even possible.

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Probably because Funcom wants it to influence pvp. The stats are all changed anyway so what was best before won’t necessarily be best now (for example, str vs agility scaling for certain weapon types) so as I said before, now when you see someone and want to ambush them, proceed at your own risk.

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Has anyone entertained the idea that this is not the intent. As someone that enjoys both, I don’t see why these types of play have to be at odds. In fact I believe they were never meant to be. Things that can be abused in pvp can be abused in PvE. PvE elements are just as vital to the pvp since most of the pvp experience has nothing to do with fighting other players but harvesting and advancing levels. To separate the two is segregation and i just don’t like that as a solution in anything…it’s just a lazy way of making things work while positioning two sides to alienate more.

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Sorcery must be able to handle the new system.

:innocent: I foresee one less bench at the cost of the sorceress table.

:+1: mutually exclusive attributes :laughing: compelling

That might be your playstyle. Which is totally fine. But on the pvp servers I play we’re constantly fighting during farming, leveling and ofc raid times. You need to farm gold? Good luck with 3 other clans fighting for that resource as well.

Do you think pve needs a nerf for building pieces? Nah not really. But they get hit with it next patch because pvp needs it. I’m fine with the way funcom does it because they try to balance it as good as possible. But sometimes the communities still come to discuss changes because it favors one mode a bit more which some don’t like. That COULD be avoided. But doesn’t have to be like I said.

I dream of people that switch things up. But here is what I experience in pvp. 1 player is r1 feroxic daggers that pretends to switch it up with an axe but he usually takes one swing and switches back, 1 player is spear with switch up to daggers and one person is horse…and never gets off it. They all wear the same armor and they all specialize in r1 spamming attacks. The minute someone doesn’t go down in 5 seconds, they double or triple team you. And if you do put up the resistance, they wait till you are offline and blow you up. Pvp is more predictable than the npc AI anymore.

As for lances in PvE…have you tried taking on the red mommy with a lance. It’s really fun to play St George.

PvE is far more than just countering high hp monsters. It’s mastering the weapon set you selected (ie see @Wak4863 kill undead with the death of 1000 cuts). It’s loosing yourself in the game. PvP players should be doing this as well and it should be encouraged…not this win at all cost method that has taken over. Back in 2019 when I started, there was this immersion even in pvp. It got lost when you had groups like karnage and what not jumping server to server for nothing more than to just upset the apple cart and give all the loot to like minded clans…and pvp culture changed within a year to 'by any means necessary '.


Take the safe way and train on the white dragon above the jhil caves. Long ago @JJDancer suggest it to me and it was fun. However the best feeling is always killing her alone without horses or thralls and trust me it’s easier. We had over 6 months the bug that mama was stomping our thralls under mace and they were useless, venom infused weapons were the key back then and ofcurce the festering one too.
All I can think for transmog is that they 'll allow us to choose some sets for appearance, no matter the armor we ware and ofcurce the hide helmet option. I don’t think the appearance however is on the armor pieces we already have. No matter what, the thing I “need” the most is the hide helmet option.
About the weapon I never really understood the noise, the game already has its transmog. How you can tell the difference between the hawk blade and predatory? Or the stone mace and the weird, or, or, or, or. A lot of weapons share skin years now, A LOT. The pvp community do not really care, they know that light armor spear, axe, daggers, sword are the ones they’ll use anyway, medium and heavy is a prize they’ll pay with stamina loss and regen, so soon enough from the very first hit they’ll know what armor the opponent wears, so practically no issue at all.
Closing, I don’t believe that they will make the spear look like a sword, it is troll, stupid totally, I see no reason for this at all, it makes no sence. And ofcurce in pve it’s useless too, why should I wish my axe to look daggers, or 2 handed sword :man_shrugging:. I don’t think nobody ever want this or ever ask for it here in this forum.

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One may not need to be a sorcerer…
But that “bench” had a person writhing on it, and the “crafter” had a knife at them.
It has already been noted that the crafting material for sorcery rituals would be people, if this one recalls correctly.

The illusion “transmog” is a part of the revamped magics, ja?

Ha XD launch… all i remember about that is walking into a base following a clan i didnt know and they left the door open long enough for me to abscond with all the loot… lol i miss having non automatic doors.

Edit: i thought you were saying back in launch then i realised it was 2019 my bad… just triggured some memories.

Daggers and pikes are my go-to weapons against many monsters, as long as there’s only one or two of them at a time. And I always wear light armor. Two-handed sword pretty much only against groups of human NPCs (or one-handed sword + torch if it’s too dark otherwise). I basically never use maces, and warhammers only in very specific situations. Different weapons serve people with different playstyles.

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I’m not competing with anyone on Single-Player, so it doesn’t bother me if I don’t kill the passers-by in record time.

Some critters - especially those with a low profile such as crocodiles, spiders and their relatives - I find easier to hit, and keep at bay, with a long pole than with a heavy swinging object.

Also - in just about every game, I dislike using consumables. So I kite and dodge rather than face-tank with armor and potions. It takes more time, but it feels so much better when I emerge from a scrap without more than a scratch and a bruise.

(As for babysitting thralls - we’ve already had that discussion in another thread.)

The problem with “should” and “have to” statements is that the priorities may not be in sync with the person you are helping. For instance, I know I should have stat and gear differently but my priority is to not restat each time I decide to do something (because I’m constantly switching my plans on the fly) but have stats so that in a few switches in gear, I can do practically everything.

In PVP, everyone keeps telling me I need to go the standard light build…but my medium build gives me just as much stat bumps and a more consistent stamina recovery regardless of encumbrance. Consistent expectations are worth more than a second or two if I got nothing weighing me down as far as training and combat for me. If you play both PvE and pvp, I can easily see people staying consistent since it keeps them trained.

All we know about “builds” changes in 3.0….

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Likely literally (for your character) :grin:


But that is where skill enters the picture. Average builds for fighting can hold back the best builds if you got the skills to do so. A few tweaks to the gear and you can easily clear the volcano mine your gold ore sufficiently and able to knock out those 2 or 3 named thralls…all with the same stats. The gear advances are huge if you got the right gear. I hold my own with vit, str, and grit in combat and not need the thrall with 70% damage reduction and ability to double harvest with momentum…all under 45% encumbered in the battle gear.
Specialized planning that you are talking about is great and all for very focused work…but opportunities can easily be missed because you were too focused on one mission and not prepared for being blessed by the RNG gods.

It’s a playstyle thing. I prefer to be ready for anything anytime.

Remove the armour restriction it serves no purpose other than gate keeping people from having full customisation.

It’s not even comparable to changing a spear to look like an axe or vice versa.

It would only affect PvP because you wouldn’t know what armour type someone is using but everyone uses light anyway and anyone not using light is at a huge disadvantage so no one cares.

I want to be able to wear medium and heavy armours without being penalized with garbage stamina regen, slower rolls and less rolls. Ffs.

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Does it really matter? If you are in a PvP fight, do you really swing your sword differently depending on the armor type or do you just kill the guy the same way you kill every other guy?

No you don’t swing your sword any different. The only difference in the armour types is the slight damage reduction difference between heavy and light (13%). The roll distance, length and stamina regen speed.

Like I said in the same line you quoted everyone in PvP uses light armour so it doesn’t matter nor would anyone care.

Thus why all if im wearing light armour I should be able to make it look like medium or heavy. Zero reason to gate keep this feature.


You might stack your potions or tats differently. It’s starting to make me think people are hunting for fights with the poorly set-up.

ETA: OH! This is going to let me dress as my NPC with whom I will encounter hapless spelunkers, and have meaningful armor. One other fun thing was to hang out dressed as a Shemite near Sepermeru. In caves and some overhead locations like arches, your bars and plate didn’t used to show.

Oh, a question…
Will Transmogs be dyable?
Or will they be locked to default palette for the target type?

Also, friendly reminder that Lemurian Warrior Armour (Medium) is basically identical to Remnant Armour (Light) and Pride of the Aesir (Medium) is distinguished by pigment alone from Frost Giant (Heavey).