The new thrall system not a good id

If the new thrall system are going to efect the hp on a thrall (Depending on you stay in a hot area ore a cold erea). Some changes have to come to. Ex the thrall have to carry more. Becouse the thrall have to protect them self. And i cant carry 4 set’s off armor. If we whant to travel from the hot desert up in the cold mountain.

And i hope the thrall limit wil be more then 100. 100 thrall is not much. I’am a pve player and i love how this game give me the opportunity to do the.
Now i am afraid i cant do thet any more. Becouse the castle nead protection (against the purg) but how can i do thet with a thrall limit?? I feel funcom trye to restrict thet. In the game trail they say: come play the game Conan exile. Bild up a imperium with a strong army to defend ure city…So what is a strong army. 20 people???
And this is what i have don. And i need all the thrall i can have, becouse the purge spawn inn all owher the place. Fix the purge spawn befor you limited the thrall’s we/i need for protection

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