The new Watcher's armor

Game mode: * Singleplayer
Type of issue: *Crash
Server type: *PvP
Region: * EU
Mods?: *No

Bug Description:

Sometimes when I equip the new “Watcher’s” armor from twitch, my game crash…

Also, why are there no feets to the set?

And it give less armor than other light armor sets ?

  • it give grit, which I would never use in PVP, as it is “only” grit armor…
    I wont really use this set anyways sadly…

There’s a lore reason as to why the Watcher set lacks footwear, its lack of armour is because it’s only a 4 slot set instead of 5. That can be somewhat countered with having high agility, a T4 armor specialist craft it and adding bulked plating. Should be around 484.8 armour with no shoes.

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Didn’t experience crashes with the set. May be due to different reasons maybe ?

Yes, it’s light armour, and have stats for grit. I use it for climbing, with the advanced climbing boots, to explore all the last spots, also for testings it’s a nice armour.

I mean, for pvp, most people will run around in heavy anyway, so… :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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