The Notorious Community

Hello welcome I’m magistrate Asger protector of The Notorious pvp sever we’ve got 5 houses to join my freind the golden sun with there brilliant building skills theres The house of Ancients where intellect rules The house of kaos loyalty is above all House of The red Coats defensive and on the ready for trade

These kingdoms are controlled by Elders who advise me there is the capital Notoria were we all meet you will also find your voice public relation officer nomad will take down any ideas Constructive criticism you have to make the server better everything is voted on we have a economy where bronze is currency lots of quest and event for you to make your story get into the action join the discord at YaDfgCT now and go to character development tab and do your own story the possibilities are endless

We also have a ark server called The Notorious pvp roleplay geniuses to find out more contact Elder Hades he is Majestrate of The ark server and can help you with anything you need.
Zen429 gt