The only issue i cant wrap my head around with sorcery

So they said that aoe spells can only have one per area, now in pvp this is going to create an odd dynamic. This is especially true due to the fact that the last caster to finish cancles the prior:

My theory:
So basically each side should have one and the one that doesnt is at a disadvantage
And its gonna become a boring battle between 2 sides that have them atleast for the sorcerers who probably are gonna have a competition of who brings the most matierials
Or if the spells dont work out to be relevent, then they will be rarely seen…

If I’m not mistaken, they’ve shown off only two aoe spells. Both of which take a large casting time. I strongly doubt both sides would be able to spare the manpower to have one player each entirely removed from the fight, but still close enough for the aoe to cover. In the end, it’ll most likely be more about who can get one off first than who can cancel the other’s more.

This may be true, it may be more dependant on the aoe. To small and it wont be worth taking the chance of getting 2 shot, or the fact that people can just walk out of it before taking damage. To large it will be more or less a requirement, unless theres a period everyone will just leave the area before anything happens

Most likely attacking team would build a mini fort and cast from atop. Which would be the effective way to protect casters and assuming defenders are not doing the samething.

Bows might play a role in countering such things.

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