The option to dismantle entire structures(ps4)

I love playing the game, The Building aspect is what keeps me coming back to the game day after day, I wish we had an option for removing structures , we either want to abandon because another area now appeals to us or because we want to simply tear it down and start over from scratch …


Yes this would be great even on PC version, where if you’re not admin the only 2 options you have are 1) targeting each part of the building or 2) destroying each foundation, which is quicker but don’t grant you back the material % of parts that collapse with the removing.

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And a tool to change the placement orientation of the item without picking it backup or destroying it.

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I’d love to have this option too.

The strange thing is we CAN do it with decayed bases of other peoples (at least in PvE-Conflict) so the option do not need to be developped.

But I suppose they never given us this options because the high number of players complaining about “I wanted to destroy a misplaced foundation/wall I destroyed all the base” :laughing::laughing:

It would be a good tool for server owners to clean up people’s leftovers.

Id like this.

But what happens when the drunk people go to remove something and blow up their houses by accident. I can hear them freaking out as we discuss this.

The game needs to be balanced and also needs to cater to drunk people as well. They are an important part of our community and player base.

So yeah. Let’s think a moment about the drunk people.

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Well, the mechanics already exists, the only thing we need is a “You’re dismantling all structure, are you sure ? OK/cancel” pop up like the one when you try to move an unfinished thrall out of a wheel, to take care of misclicks and, of course, drunken people :stuck_out_tongue:

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I am all for it. I have had to blow up a massive base to move. Piece by piece.

I still worry for the drunk people. But I am on board.

Dismantling a house piece by piece caused me to start drinking again. Sometimes even in the day!!!


This is why you don’t drink and build (or dismantle). :joy: ROFL

If I ever found myself in this situation, I’d be just laughing my hiney off. It’s not like I forgot my blueprint or anything. :laughing:

I’m not saying I suffer from this issue. But I tend to die more by falling off my roof than by game content.

But I’d love this feature none the less.



when your on the roof drink a higher grade of Alcohol, you will get so crap faced drunk you have to sit down, then falling off is not a problem

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I’m not saying I have not done as you suggested. I have woken up buck naked with a sandstorm mask on while on my roof though once.

Complwtely unsure as to how that happened but I didnt lose anything. Thank goodness

Please tell me this is a RL story, not an ingame one. If it isn’t, just lie. It’ll be way more entertaining.

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What if I said I had a vague rocellection of both incidents.

Life imitates gam3…


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