The Original Treasure Items

Dear Funcom Brains

So the Exiled Lands has the original treasure items like the Mask of the Witch Queen, the Trapado…the Trapeezo…the Trapadozo…the rest. We all collect them because they are pretty and what not, but they sit in our chests doing nothing because we don’t want to leave the game.

Why not make them to be items that can be added to the treasure coffer?

And you could make it like a “sacrificed item” meaning that once you put it in there you can’t retrieve it back out. That way we are forced to go get more copies should we want to leave the game.

What do you think?


Not a bad idea. I support this notion.


Yeah. Yes. I’d love to display them, especially since I’ve ended up with multiples of some of those.

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Some other items which should go in the treasure coffer are goldstone, silverstone and pearls. Personally I would not mind if we could deposit small treasures in there too. 8 Argossean braziers is just too many, even for a well lit room.


Yes pearls!! Forgot about those lol

And maybe even the sword and shield you buy with the pearls??

I support this. These items should have a physical representation and count for treasure value.


I think legendary gear in display stands should count to the coffer total (3k each?)


then again, if we want to leave the game we can just leave it. these items have literally no good use outside of mods.

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I think this is a brilliant idea! I would love to display a Diadem of the Giant Kings, or a Shining Tetrahedron.

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