The Perils of Power, A Place of Beauty & Splendor!

Allow me to give you a brief tour of Ravenoak Manor…and Farm…at the Falls.

Here we have the grand staircase leading towards the dining hall, alchemical workshop and trophy/armor museum.

The royal bath house, fed by a natural spring and kept at a cozy 102 degrees.

What evening is complete without a relaxing fire place?


Looks very calming and cozy!
What mods are you using (for the flowers in planters and for the bathtub thingy?)

Thanx! Since we don’t have the purge turned on I decided to work on some more aesthetic builds. It’s the fancy wood paneling that gives it that warm feel :smiley:
The planters are from Dude’s Delightful Decorations, same goes for the bath. If you’re into decorations and placeables, Dude’s is definitely at the top of my list. Solid dev team too :+1: